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    As an answer to Rev Ed:
    Had ts3650, have 22124, I am so happy now.
    On a previous post I explained how I tried my best to work around the problems with my 3650 ,but gave up when the arbor issue came to light. I just had had it with all the "fixes". I also think since I bought the first run of this saw it may have had QC issues, since it was top rated in Wood Mag. for it's price range, the problems I had, may not exist now. I do question how the Ridgid has better cutting speed than the 2hp /20A saws? Motor power wired at 240v was never an issue on my saw, it was good.
    The Beis fence is well worth the $. The plastic lock/aluminum consrtuction on the Ridgid compared to the commercial Beis is just no contest,cab base,Leitz blade(as good as $100 WW forrest)etc. About $750 when on sale and CC discounts.
    See this link:


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      I absolutely love my Biesemeyer fence!!!

      I have the "Biesemeyer B78332C" fence on my TS3650.

      The big selling factor, for me, was the fact that I could make "box jigs" that would fit over the fence, be secure, and work well. Like my raised panel jig, or my tapering jig. Both fit over the Biese' fence and ride smoothly down the length of it. Plus with a few modifications, I made a sacrificial fence for my wobble & stacked dado sets.

      Also, when ripping big sheet stock, plywood, MDO, MDF, etc. There is absolutely no deflection in the fence.

      The initial investment may seem like a lot to some, but in the long run, my Biese' has more than paid for itself, MANY times over!

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        RODDY, The Bies. fence is far superior to the fence that comes on the TS3650, and anyone who says otherwise, is probably not currently using one.
        However having said that, I have used the 3650, and I think the fence is decent quality and works just fine.I would'nt change it.

        But if you have to have a Bies fence, I would sell the Ridgid and buy a GI builders saw that comes with a General T/Bies fence. Unless you don't need a contractor saw, then I would step up to a Hybrid cabinet saw.
        Just my 3.5 canadian cents worth.
        Good Luck Walker1