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Problem with planer

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  • Problem with planer

    My 13" planer has an unusual problem. I just noticed that the infeed roller has a lot of side to side play, while the outfeed roller has almost none. Also when it shuts down there is a noticable clicking sound that wasn't there before. Also the right side cuts deeper than the left, probably a blade adjustment, I just haven't tried yet. Any suggestions?

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    Regarding the roller endplay, I check a unit we have around here and there is about 1/8" of side to side play in both roller. I would not be too concerned with what you are seeing on your machine.

    The uneven cut can be fixed. Remove the left sid panel from the saw. You be able to see a threaded rod between the two larger post. The rod is held on the base by a lock nut. Loosen the lock nut and using the flat spot rotate the post to adjust the cutter head. Reassemble the unit and cut. If your level then no problem, if not retry adjustment.