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    I'm sure most of you read some of the other forums like I do but just in case you missed it, A & I Supply is having a special on Cabinet Master Clamps . I don't know anything about this vendor. Anyone here ever ordered from them? It is a great deal on the new Jorgensen Cabinet Master clamps though.
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    I was able to talk the the Clamp Man (at the big wood show in Atlanta) who actually was responsible for the design of this clamp. His goal was to have a US made clamp that was better than a bessy. After talking with him this clamp makes sense. Lots of little things like the little black foot on the end of the back and the screw handle at a better angle. The clamp surface is larger. The problem I think is that Bessy has been able to capture the market and get in all the catalogs( maybe with some exclusive deals) Maybe some others can post more information on this .


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      Based on reading info from Clampman and Dave A., I just bought 4 CMs with some Christmas money. They are a real quality product. I particularly like the larger sized jaws (than Besey'). Only initial issue was moving the lower jaw---it's kind of like learning how to handle a new tool----not readily apparent as to how to move it--unlike the cam release on a pipe clamp or the level release on a Quick Clamp.

      But, I too have never heard of A&I Supply and don't remember the name---have been around the various forums for quite a while----any other thoughts?


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        Several poeple over at Woodnet have ordered from them and have been pretty happy.

        Did you happen to see the blow out deal on the Makita hammer drill and CMS for $259 on their site, too?



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          Perhaps someone can tell me how they perform as compared to teh Besseys. I know you all like the look and size, but when I looked at a few the other day, they seemed to made somewhat cheaper than the Bessey's. Perhaps someone could put my worries to rest as I would gladly spend the money to get a clamp at lower cost that does a better job.


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            Mike---I have only fondeled Besey's, in the store, and this is my first purchase of such clamps (and only bought with gift money, since I still feel this type of clamp is too expensive for the total number of clamps even a hobbiest needs).

            Have to disagree on construction, though. The plastic jaw covers on Beseys seemed much more flimsey than the CMs----bars, with exception of saw-tooth edge on Besey, were pretty much the same.

            Think both clamps have a crumby method of releasing the lower jaw assembly. As Dave A. warned, if you let the lower jaw slam into the upper jaw, they're a devil to get apart----the guy at the store thought he was making it easier for me to carry the clamps, and slammed the lower jaw flush---heck of a time getting it open---have found that you need to keep the screw turned in about a 1/3rd to allow free play should this happen.


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              I'm new to this forum and am surprised how liberal it is:
              "I have only fondeled Besey's, in the store"!!



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                I've been lurking and learning for a while. Thank you to all who have so generously shared their knowledge, experience, and ideas. Maybe one day I'll know enough to answer some questions. For now, though, I am a novice with questions. And one of my questions is about how the Cabinet Master clamps compare to the Besseys. This question was originally addressed in Jan. I'm wondering if anyone has any additional comments or thoughts. TIA!


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                  The Jorgenson are supposed to be better, but I love my Bessey clamps. Only have 6, and never seem short because they work on small items, too, the parallel faces make them clamp a wider area, and I can remove some (if not all) of the clamps from the previous piece by the time the next piece is ready.

                  When doing glue-ups, working alone, the jaws sometimes slide together during the juggling. The fact that you need a release screw with the Jorgensens makes me worry.


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                    Originally posted by Charlie P:
                    The fact that you need a release screw with the Jorgensens makes me worry.
                    Charlie P, would you elaborate on this statement? What are the disadvantages/problems of a release screw?



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                      I have heard from a couple sources that, if the Jorgensens bang closed, they jam, and you have to fiddle with an allen wrench or screwdriver or something to release them. Never tried it, so can't confirm the rumor. But my Bessey clamps often bang closed, without a problem, so I assume that jamming would be a problem on the Jorgensens.

                      Out of fairness to the Jorgensens, the couple people I have talked to who have them, like them. But if I bought more, I would get more of my Besseys, which seem perfect to me, rather than risk a different design.


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                        And ya know, Jorgensen orange is a pretty good match for the new Ridgid color! [img]smile.gif[/img]