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    where can you buy those wall mounted lumber racks?

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    build your own and forget those overpriced lumber storage racks.,00.html

    there are many other solutions, do a Google search.


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      Bob, Those ideas would work for scraps but I have alot of rough sawn 5/4 oak Up tp 16 foot long. I cut a lot of trees down when I cleared my homesite and had a portable band saw come and slice the trees up. It is very heavy and only a strong welded steel rack will work.


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        Maybe you don't want a wall-mounted rack then as you had inquired about. I remember on a recent airing of The New Yankee Workshop Norm showed off his new wood storage rack which he had moved outside into a shed attached to the shop. The space was not heated but built from what looked like 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" pipe. One thing I think I would have done differently than Norm did is add some lieces of 2" PVC slipped over the horizontal members so the the wood did not rest directly on the pipe (be it Galv. or black pipe). This would also make a rooler of sorts to allow easier removal nad insertion of the wood.

        His storage rack had a wide door at each end and also a double wide door in the middle. The rack itslef was basically built from pipe tees and floor flanges with sections of pipe.

        You might look at some of the material handling racks, like the ones used in HD or Lowes to store their lumber on.


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          Check the yellow pages for a local company that sells "Material Handling Equipment" supplies. They should be able to set you up with some type of racking that will meet your needs.
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            Rockler has them.


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              Bob D., What episode of NYW did you see Norm show the rack?


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                Wow, that's a good question, it was in the last month or two, don't remember what the project was that Norm was working on that episode, it just stuck in my head about him showing off the new wood storage shed they had added to the shop. I am sure if you go to the NYW web site and ask they will provide more info for you.

                It was not an elaborate setup, just a long narrow shed along the back wall of the shop, looked to be about 4' x 20'. The space was rain tight but not completely watertite. Seemed strange to me in New England to be storing wood for this kind of work outdoors, I guess he selects his material well enough in advance that it gets acclimated to the shop before he starts working it.