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  • pat on the back for HD

    I have been in two HDs in the last week one in Greenville, Sc and one in Charleston, SC. Both have put in new fully assembled 3612s. Even the fences were in good working order. A few months ago both these stores displays were bad. Maybe somebody is trying harder.

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    The HD closest to my home recently cleaned-up and updated their RIDGID displays also. I need, want, must have, and will buy a new table saw this year. The RIDGID's were on my list but not really very high up. But after looking at the newly displayed 3612 well, I really like the looks of that saw. It now ranks near the top of my list. Without seeing one I may have made a decision that I would have regretted later. "If you display it, they will come". Way to go HD.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      I am the same way I plan to buy a table saw.
      I have been going to woodworking stores, now that I can see an play with a 3612 I have become very interested.


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        I saw my first 36-12 yesterday, at a HD I don't frequent. It was really a 2424 with 3612 fence. It looks ok, but I really like the 2424's fence lock down a lot better, It's much easier to operate. What I would like to know is the updated trunion adjustment. The 2424 is a real pain in the rear, or pain in the front (trunion that is). I still don't think I'm ballz parrallell with the mitre slot. I noticed last week when cutting some MDF That the cut quality really wasn't that good with a newer blade running. So checked, and I was out by 1/32 or so, the back teeth were chatting up a storm. I tore into the project and 6 hours later had to call it a night, but did get some razor sharp cuts and glue joint edges! Who can I back charge for Labor? Anyway is the trunion adj. much better on the 3612, just wondering?


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          When I adjusted my 3612 I couldn't understand what everyone griped about. Then I realized that the trunion adjustment was one of the improvements over previous saws. I can't compare, but I can say the 3612 is good - not trivial, but certainly nothing I wanted to complain about (like the posts on earlier model saws).


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            I am going to try Dave Arbuckle's method for adjusting the blade (if you do a search, you should be able to find it) this weekend. Basically, he locks the bevel lock, loosens the front trunnion bolts (hard to access, but not impossbile), and adjusts the blade by turning the bevel knob. When I adjusted mine initially, I had to do this to move the blade laterally but it didn't dawn on me that this could adjust the angle as well. I will let you know how it works.

            For what it's worth, I don't think any TS is easy to adjust. It is a very tedious process but hopefully, you only have to do it once.

            Jake: Is there any reason that Ridgid could not recommend Dave's method for adjusting the blade?


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              HD announced their earnings yesterday. In the WSJ, HD says they lost market share to lowes, in part because of bad customer service. They plan on having better customer service as well as stocking the shelves with more product.

              As a side note, The two different HD's that I've visited in the last few weeks seem to be doing a better job of "customer service" Heck, every single person that I passed yesterday said Hi, how are you today, or even.....(drum roll) CAN I HELP YOU? OMG!!