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  • my new 3650

    I've had the 3650 for a few weeks now. Made a little money on the side, gave my wife half and she let me get the saw. gee, I'm so glad to have such a nice piece of hardware for such a price. Made right here on Earth. I paid full price + CA tax and that's still less then a 73GB, 15000RPM, U/320 SCSI drive which only has the purpose to further enslave humanity to a desk.

    There is only so much I can do with a handheld circular saw, handsaw, planes, etc. I built Norm's NY router table using my circular saw. a 64'th here and a 64'th there and pretty soon your talking about real distance - and it never cancels out.

    I used the washer business to stiffen the legs up, had to shim the extensions with a bit of paper, etc. I would have not had a pleasant experience if it weren't for the folks who posted here.

    I just love tuning it. Bought the grizzly $19 dial indicator - man, aren't dial indicators fun! But I originally set it up with my flat feeler gauges and combo square.

    Checked out the arbor business and it's sort of in between, not what I expected. The thread goes all the way to the inside, but the last bit of thread is diminished:
    my ts3650 arbor

    Using my dial indicator, it seems to be around 0.015 less then the surrounding threads. The image seems to be more then a 64'th though and diameter wise it's probably more like a 32'nd. I don't have points on my micrometer so I can't measure that dimension. Don't know if I should ask for a new arbor or not. I've used my freud 208 on it and it seemed fine (1/2" dado, but I don't know what to expect) and I just checked the 1/4 setup and the outside plate does have play in it.

    what do you all think?


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    Compared to the pics of the arbors that are bad, yours looked good. If you're pleased with the dados, why go through the hassle?

    Have fun!


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      i couldn't tell visually if mine was bad either. So i stuck my entire dado set on there and tested it. I ended up having one of the chippers cut slightly deeper than the rest of the set. So i had a nice flat bottom dado with a 1/8" wide (about 1/6" deep) groove running through it.

      Then i decided to replace it and ruined my bearing, now i'm waiting to get a new bearing. If you do decide to replace it yourself, take every precaution possible to ensure the blade-side bearing stays put. Use clamps, cuals, whatever you can muster, because once that thing comes out with the arbor, you might as well kiss it goodbye.