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    I own one and had a problem with the motor off the bat. I got help from HD the next day and where once a Taiwan made motor was now sits an American work horse.
    I'm pleased a punch with this saw and it is working hard and making me money. Thank you Home Depot for your support in this mater.
    No Bull Dust Just Saw Dust


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      Dewalt Table saw:
      I haven't used it but looked at it in the store. I didn't like the way the extensions lined up with the table. It caused the fence to make a metal on metal noise when you moved it. This was at a specialty Woodworking store that sets all their tools up properly. The storeperson was recommending the saw as quite good. I bought the powermatic 64A for about the same price. Dust collection isn't the best, but that's not why I am bought it. LOL. I have heard good things about Dewalt's dust collection though, and it looks to be same system as Ridgid's. I recommend before you buy any saw, make sure you poke around and get a feel for it. Supersaw looked great to me in magazines. Not as great "TO ME" in person.
      - Jake


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        If you're considering spending the bucks for a hybrid, I'd stongly suggest opting for a full blown 3hp cabinet saw. The Grizzly 1023S sells for <$900 delivered, has excellent dust collection and a ton of performance advantages over the hybrids or any contractor saw. The only downside is that they require 220volt electrical service. Worth having in your shop regardless.

        My opinion is mixed on the 3650. There's easily three other choices in the same price range that I think have better fences and are better built - General International 50-185, Bridgewood, and Grizzly 0444Z. These come with hevy duty steel fences very similar to those found on cabinet saws. Since the fence is one of the most important features on a saw, I think these are better choices than the 3650. The dust collection issue is not difficult to overcome on a contractor saw. A dust collection port on the bottom, and a custom built back solves most of the DC issues.

        FWIW FWW magazine recently picked the GI contractor saw #1 over the Dewalt hybrid and seven others.


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          I bought the 3650 about a month ago, and unfortunately did not have time to put it together to set it up until this weekend, but now that I have made some sawdust with it I thought I would toss my 2 cents in:

          1. I know I am not the first to say this but, the SAE bolts with metric heads was wierd, but in my case an unexpected blessing. I couldn't find my SAE wrenches (gremlins are hiding my tools) until the end of assembly.

          2. Why oh why are you suppose to put the hand wheels on first? It makes tiping the table upright very difficult since you either need to balance it on one of the hand wheels or the blade guard bracket, neither of which seemed like a good idea, but whith the handwheel removed I was able to tip it up with no troubles.

          3. Putting washers (or anyother spacer) under the extensions while using the C-Clamps is a must.

          4. I was initially iritated about how much the table "twisted" until I realized that the twist was primarily due to the casters on the Herculift system still in contact with the ground. Extending the footpads seems to help, but there are still occasions when the casters don't entirely lift off the ground, not sure what else to do about it. After this, I haven't noticed any twist to the table at all.

          5. Before pluging in the motor, make sure it spins freely, my fan would hit the cover at one spot, removing the cover and straightening out the fan a little did the trick.

          6. Measured .010 of runout on the blade (strange that this seems to be a fairly consistent value from a number of other people, it would imply a manufacturing defect since if it was simply a "tolerance" issue we would see a range of values instead of the same number)

          7. The locking lever on my fence was busted. I tried calling customer service and listened to elevator music for an hour before giving up. Since I was calling the day after Thanksgiving I will give them the benefit of the doubt and try again on Monday. It would be nice if an automated voice would come on the line and state "Your estimated wait is: 45 minutes", That way if I have 45 minutes to kill I can wait, or get off the line immediately if I don't. (will post again after I have gotten resolution on the locking lever)

          8. Very quiet running saw, I can't hear it all when I fire up the Shop Vac.

          9. All in all, I am very pleased with this saw. I only wish I had more time to use it.