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    The time has come to replace my POS Craftsman TS. I had been hesitant to buy a contractor style saw due to dust collection issues until the TS3650 came along. I am now lookijng at the TS3650 as my next purchase, but have also considered the DeWalt hybrid TS. I woud appreciate any input you have on this. I know the DeWalt is quite a bit more $$$, but it it worth the expense. I have heard some complaints about the motor on the TS3650.

    Those of you who have purchased the TS3650, would you do the same if you could do it over?

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    I purchased the TS3650 and I am very pleased with this machine. There was an issuse with the motor, they put a long screw in the fan that caused a little vibration. They should have used a small set screw. I now have a replacement motor on mine, that has a short set screw. (no vibration) it's so smooth now I can pass the nickel test even durring start up. The saw seems to have plenty of power. I purchased to replace my old Craftsman/Ridgid model, that's still a nice saw. It was just starting to look a little tired. The color choice Ridgid made is getting alot of comments, but I like it. To me it says (Think Safety) and looks great in my shop. Besides I live in Tennessee and of course I am a UT fan.
    Steve [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      wyowood, I just replaced my POS Craftsman TS with the 3650 and I couldn't be happier . The dust collection is excellent (I hooked mine up to my shop vac). The only complaints I have heard about the motor is that it doesn't have a brand name on it, (but it has a lifetime warranty)! I would rather have something with a lifetime warranty than a brand name with a 1 or 2 year warranty. I have had mine for only 3 days but I have made a bunch of cuts and dadoes and so far it has been everything I hoped for. Yes I would definately do the same if I had the chance to do it over.
      Just a couple of notes: Even though the Craftsman TS was a real POS (it was only 5 weeks old and the motor burned out), Sears refunded the full price with no hassle whatsoever. Some of the folks on this BB are not very happy with the Ridgid warranty or customer service, so lets hope it improves with time. This is my first post to this BB so I guess I'll wrap it up for now. GO BILLS!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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        I also purchased the 3650. Love it. I was one of the ones thar swore off Ridgid. But I saw the saw, visited my local service center and convinced myself they would take care of me.
        I know Woody and some others have had their problems with cs. Hopefully Ridgid will work that out with all the changes and the ITT Service center is 15 miles from my house.
        I compared, tried to find a better deal and could not, dollar for dollar the 3650 is a good buy.
        Hope I never have to find out about their CS. I own a Ridgid jointer and ms with no problems for several years.


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          Dave, I'd advise against this saw. The no-name motor is one problem, with the wrong allen screw installed and reports of flexing in the legs and insert plate. But even without these problems----this is a totally new model--no track record.

          I hope you appreciate at least one decenting vote, since it will result in me being attacked for being honest----and before I'm called a Ridgid basher----you're welcome to do a search under my name and view countless posts where I recommended and supported the 3612.


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            It's a real decent saw, great saw at this price.
            I shall not "bash or attack" dave's comments on this saw. Effort not worth it - no, he's an "emmensely informed and self proclaimed" guro and all - based on the few minutes, per his words, he spent looking at saw.
            Funny-the few negatives he hears he highlights and addresses again and again and agin but the individuals who make them seem to have 10% of issue with it that he does. If one really wants to see this "expert mouth piece" at work look at his bashing on the same thing over and over again on woodnet forums.

            Oh man-I said I'd not waste my energy-shame. Dave - you bring out the best in us all. Why don't you just say you're an ex employee with an axe to's full of them
            Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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              I wouldn't call Dave's comments on the saw anything but observational and unbias, particularly since he owns the 3612. You mentioned that you were also considering the hybrid DeWalt which has been tested. The most recent AW'er ran both this and the Hybrid Jet in a head-to-head comparison. Both of these have had some time tested and appear to offer a wide range of options for the user. Personally, I like the Jet.

              Given the reported nuisances with the 3650, it appears that it already hasn't lived up to the value of the 3612. For this, it may be worth your time and money (in the long run), to look at the hybrid's for $200 to $300 more since you indicated it was in your interests. When the 3612 was out, it was well-received and talked about on this forum and made the $600 a deal (for me, at least). I have had no problems with it.

              Regardless, I think the extra money spent for QUALITY that you can live with is money well spent rather than sleeping with a pit in your stomach because your $600 purchase didn't live up to your expectations.
              Patrick<br /><br />


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                dave's owning the 3612 would not make him biased towards what he personally likes and feels....please....................
                and I believe ever other thing he has yapped about in last few months on "new" line is the same.
                Yapping and bashing.
                Just my opinion of course based on HIS comments.
                Ex-employee who was paid to praise then canned and blasts? Sure sounds like it. stupid we even read daves crap
                Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                  I wouldn't call Dave's comments on the saw anything but observational and unbias, particularly since he owns the 3612.

                  Dave, did you get rid of your Craftsman, or is pssmith just making this up?

                  Hope Cranky's observations regarding tablesaws are more accurate than those regarding Daveferg...



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                    altogether my point Dave A ---- that being what's fact and what's fiction.
                    Until you have used and abused something playing "authority" is a farce and worthy of only keeping comments to yourself as there is no basis for them, especially acting like they truth and gospel vs crap
                    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                      read this
                      Andy B.


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                        No Dave A.---still have my Craftsman, which I've had fun adding upgrades inspired by the 3612. pssmith just mis-read what I said-----but, I certainly have recommended the 3612--over and over.

                        Cranky---with your expertise in Ridgid products (12 posts) won't even lower myself to your level----never employed by Ridgid or HD---so that would make it very difficult to be a discrunteled ex-employee.

                        Wyowood---if dust control is a major point for you, I would guess the DeWalt might be a consideration, because of it's shrowd collector. However, if you accessorize it with tables, rails, slider, etc., the price can go pretty high and would bring you into the cabinet saw price range. However, if DC isn't a must for you, Delta has some very nice contractor's saws, with Unifence or Biesemeyer fences, in about the same price range as the DeWalt.


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                          Mr. Dave,

                          I don't have time to make things up, Sir. If somethings inaccurate I've probably confused some issue as a result of the extensive postings I've mulled through over the past year.


                          You'd been more the man if you simply stopped at " this price." Wyowood asked about two table saws and any input pertaining to such, not who is crap and who is bashing, who one should avoid...blah blah blah. Your comments hijacked what the person was trying to accomplish by the question and that just shows a lack of respect for others trying to get the input they need. Frankly, I don't care what you or anyone thinks of anyone else and this isn't being said to be mean to you. It's simply because this is a woodworking forum, not a watercooler.
                          Patrick<br /><br />


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                            We need to stop all the arguing on this fourm and give the man some real advise. You guys are going to run us Jr. members off before we get started. Lets talk about the TS3650. Granted I did have a little problem with a long screw being placed in the fan, however I dont hold Ridgid completly responsibe because some kid on an assembly line made a mistake. It was taken care of real quick. The finish on this table saw top is absolutely the finest of any saw I have seen on the market today. Its completely swirl free. This table will polish like a rolls. No swirl marks to fight with. The motors are supposed to be the same spec's as Emerson, Let me tell you I have had a couple of the motors and the job site saw (TS200) and (TS2400ls) the new motors are not as loud and seem to have a little more power to them. My recommendation is for the TS3650.



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                              Really - not a water cooler pss? Then may I - Dare I - ask why us who own this saw and then state our factual HANDS ON experience with it vs the "10 minute HD water cooler" review are discredited, the saw slammed, and we of course have no not a %$#n thing - essentially the "10 minute water cooler" chaps take over forums here and elsewhere with their "EXPERT" views.
                              If dave had this saw-I REPEAT - HAD or even USED he might have a basis to make opinions. He doesn't and frankly that speaks volumes to what he says. It means absolutely NOTHING. But the babble continues.
                              dave-frankly I have more important and enlightening things than to post like you - it seems you are in excess of 9,000(counters don't fib now, do they!)...yep, nine thousand, posts between here, woodnet and others. That is incredible
                              Guess we must honest - you are the in-house reviewer Sure be better served if you owned things, or very tried tried but my guess is you have no time..............
                              So guess I'll just keep my lurking here and dream of day I have nothing, truly nothing better to do than post. Heck-we say fact you say baloney. You the man so what can us users say that you don't already know
                              Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em