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12" Ridgid mitersaw dust control

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  • 12" Ridgid mitersaw dust control

    I am putting in a 2HP Oneida cyclone with drops to each workstation. What is the best method you guys know of to capture the most dust from Ridgid's 12" miter saw? I have heard: 1) hook directly to the saw's 21/2" port and have a 4" duct to an oversized hood behind the saw and 2) hook to the 21/2" port and collect from directly under the saw. (I'm not sure it's feasible to collect from under the saw with the Ridgid). Any better ideas?

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    One Idea that you may want to think about is getting a radial arm saw dust collector and attach it to a stand directly behind the saw. That way, you will capture the loose dust that doesn't go directly into the 2 1/2" chute. It also allows for more air volume to be sucked into the collector.


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      The Ridgid TS dust collector would be perfect for that....I'm going to add one when I get my saw stand set up in the shop...mount the collector on the wall right behind where the slider goes & voila, less dust!
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