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Risers for the BS1400

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  • Risers for the BS1400

    Has anyone found a source for a riser for the 14" bandsaw. I saw one of the discussions where a member mentioned he had a riser on his saw. I have looked all over the Rigid sites & the people at my local Home Depot are not sure if one is available. It certainly looks like the saw would accept one. Anyone purchase one or see one advertised?

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    My local Home Depot has a set of binders for special order tools near the front of the tool department. The riser is available from there.

    Otherwise I'd try calling Ridgid at 1-800-4-RIDGID

    By the way: how do you like the bandsaw? I've been thinking about buying it.


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      I haven't bought it - yet! The bs1400 is a good bargain at 350.00 bucks. I looked a a very very similar Delta at a different store, and on sale it was $30.00 more. Home Depot has a 10% discount discount avaiable so if I can confirm the riser ( I want to do some resawing) It will be coming home!


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        I have the Ridgid riser on mine. Store had it in stock at time of purchase. You can save some money on the riser by going to The riser they carry for thier 14" band saw is exactly the same as the Ridgid Here is link to the riser.

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