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    My wife’s father recently passed and he had a small shop in his basement that included mostly bench top tools such as band saw, jointer, table saw. I’ve been procrastinating going through his shop because of the memories of how fond he was of the time he spent there, but my mother-in-law wants me to go through and pick out whatever I like before she lets the rest of the impatient vultures at it. Most of his tools are of a lesser quality than what I already own, so is there any advantage to having duplicates of any of these tools especially when space is already at a premium in my shop.

    Thanks for any suggestions


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    The question to ask is "What functions or tools do I have to tear down and reset in the middle of a project to do one quick operation and then reset for the project at hand?". I went through the same thing with my Dad's shop. I kept the litle 9" bandsaw, for instance, and after much fine tuning to get it to work properly, I keep an 1/8" blade on it all the time and can make quick small cuts without changing the blade out on my big bandsaw and then changing again back to a ¼" or ½" blade that I normally keep on it. I put it on a small homemade rolling stand that I tuck back into a corner when not in use. I kept his 4" planer and stick it under the bench. It comes in handy for those little, "needs just a skin taken off to fit", parts you need when in the middle of a poject. I kept almost all the hand tools and hand power tools, an extra drill for the shop or for a visit to the neighbor's house for a quick "help me out" call, taking that spare, not so great, skil saw or sabre saw is handy.



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      Woodslayer, If you have no need for any of his tools, then pick out one of his favorites and keep it just as a reminder of him.
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        gator brings up some very valid and logical points. Anything to make the job a little easier is always a plus. papadan's suggestion is an even better one though. Everytime your wife looks at one of those tools it will give her a nice memory to think about.
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          I like Papadan's thought as well. Frankly, I couldn't think of much use for what you mentioned, particularly if space is at a premium. I'd opt for something in a hand tool---easier to keep and still has some memories.

          When my dad died, there wasn't much to pick from----he wasn't the handiest DIYer. But, he had an old screwdriver---with a chunk taken out of the blade where he once was using it on an electrical panel----(another story). Boy, does that have memories.