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  • Hey Cutbuff

    I was on you site earlier, and I like your Workbench, I saw one similar in a Popular Woodworking mag. What is yours made of? and what did you use to secure the top to the legs? I'm planning on building one like it this summer. The Magazine used 2x Southern yellow laminted to form the top. I like yours better, it doesn't look like I need to spend a grand in clamps to build the bench. I was planning on positioning mine at the out feed side of my 2424, length parralell to the blade and adding a drop leaf on the backside with folding legs to use as an assembly table also.

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    The plan came from WoodSmith #133. The top is made up of 3 layers of 3/4" MDF, plus a sacrificial surface of 1/4" masonite, since I found that MDF is too soft for a top surface. Edged with Hard Rock Maple the top is so heavy that it doesn't need to be anchored down to the frame, only two cleats underneath to stop it sliding off. Frame is $18 of douglas fir and like the top very heavy.

    Clamping the maple skirt was tricky, but only required 4 clamps for each edge, done one at a time.

    I'll e-mail you some info on the bench and an outfeed table, the measurements could come in useful when you build your drop-leaf.



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      Thanks a lot CB. I appreciate you sharing the plans with me. I'll let you know what I come up with in a few months. I wish I had time to do it now, but I'm finish out our upstairs. Hope to be living up there in June. Thanks again. Andy