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  • radial arm saw

    I was just wondering if Ridgid still makes a radial arm saw. It seems to be missing from the new lineup of power tools on the new website.

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    Yup,,they do. and it's a dandy, bought one 2 weeks ago.....a thing of beauty
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      That was probably an RAS1000 (in grey). I'm not sure if they have added a new orange RAS to their lineup. I don't see one either.


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        The new tools and business plan seem to be moving away from the models related to when Emerson made the good Craftsman tools. (No relation to the Sears lawsuit, I'm sure )

        Since the existing Ridgid RAS is VERY similar to my old Craftsman RAS, I bet there will not be a RAS in the new lineup, at least for a while. So if you are looking for a Ridgid RAS, consider moving quickly.


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          Keep your eyes open, you may start seeing some good deals on the RAS1000 at Home Depot.


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            Was at a HD last night and the markdowns have already started. The RAS was marked down from $597 to $547. Not a huge savings but every final price has to have a starting point right.
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              The BOB is having a promotion of no interest, no payments for 12 months through Labor Day on your HD card.
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