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??????? Metal Detector for Wood ????????

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  • ??????? Metal Detector for Wood ????????

    After nicking a fairly new planer blade. I am considering buying a metal detector to scan my lumber with. The only requirement (due to a high frequency hearing loss)I have is that it has a vibration type alert on it. So far the only one I have found is the "Lumber Wizard" for $99.

    Does anyone one recommend this one or is there others out there that I should consider?

    I really don't want to spend a lot of money on this, but also realize the money I will save by no having to buy new planer blades due to a nail or staple.


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    A friend of mine has that one and likes it.

    I tried the Little Wizard and was not impressed. It worked for large screws but not metal shavings so I would not recommend it.


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      I have a ZIRCPN VIDIO SCANER bougt at HD. I have used it and find it VERY helpful in finding the small metal fragmednts. I would replace it with a duplicate if mine "took a walk", Has the also. the Customer ratings as far as I am concerned are WAY OFF BASE. Either they did not read & undersand the instructiona or just jumped in... The ratings on the minus side are WRONG, WRONG,WRONG ! I have found a tack head in a piece of oak, kinda small but doug it out anf\d saved my planer blade.. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND THEM "PLAY WITH IT" PUT A SMALL METAL SHAVING UNDER A 2" OAK OR OTHER WOOD AND IT WILL TELL YOU THAT IT IS THERE. NO MYSTERY, TRY IT. YOU WILL LIKE IT. DOCDICK


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        Is this Zircon scanner still carried by Home Depot? How much does it cost?
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