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Cast Iron extension wings

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  • Cast Iron extension wings

    Is there any where I can purchase cast iron extension wings to replace the steel ones on a TS2412

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    Give RidgidParts a call (800-4RIDGID). I'd be willing to bet that the wings for the TS2424 will fit since these are both 27 inch tables. You should be able to order them as replacement parts. just be aware these are the web type wings and not solid ones.
    - Tim


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      I have the 3612, which also comes with 27" wings, so I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that the 3650 also has 27" wings. If you prefer the solid wings over the slotted the 3650 wing might work. A call to Ridgid customer service would be the easiest way to find out.
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        Since the wings are heavy, and you would buy them new, they will be pricey shipped to you. Your best bet would be to scan the adds in WW forums to see if anyone is selling a wing. They go like hotcakes, so you need to hurry, but you'll save yourself $$


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          Here's what I did. I ordered from Harbor Freight the wings (as a parts order) for the following saw Item 46913-1VGA I think I paid $40 including shipping and the extensions are flat, true and everything lined up like a charm. I didn't have to drill a thing. Highhly recommend them

          PS you'll notice the HF saw is pretty darn close to the Ridgid one.



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            Most contractor saws are a standard 27" deep, so most cast iron wings should be able to be mounted to your saw. Even if some drilling is needed, CI drills easily.

            Wilke Machinery sells CI wings for their contractor saw for ~ $70. Ebay often has them for sale too.


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              I am going to replace my web cast wings as soon as I can to place my router in the TS. Make me an offer and pay for shipping.