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    Have yet to see a set up 3612---and my travels take me by 4 different HD's. We've been through this all before. If they don't discount the 2424s---there's no incentive for them to blow out the old models.

    Had to laugh! HD had a thick ad in today's paper and showed the full complement of Rigid tools---half of the tools pictured hadn't been in a local HD in years.

    Either Rigid had to get more or more active factory reps. or dump HD.!!!


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      kelly i know what you mean about w/crafters but, the one in madison wis could be 5x as large and still be too small ( its the womens purse theory) I find i have outgrown H.d as a supplier, they cater to the home fixit market where i started out but i've moved on to cabinets and furniture work and h.d just dont cutit. I will however drive the 90 mi. each way to get stuff at wood crafters because i know the people in there are WOODWORKERS!!!! not highschool kids looking for a buck. they are helpfull and know the tools and thats as important as price to me, just my nickels worth bill


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        Well, if anyone near Kansas City wants to drive all the way to Topeka, the Home Depot store does have both the 2424 and the 3612 saws set up, also several of the other Ridgid tools. You can look them over pretty well. The ones still in boxes were piled up across the aisle. It is pretty hard to find anyone knowledgeable, though. I had researched for awhile before I purchased the saw so I really didn't need their advice. They even knew I needed the separate box of rails for the 3612!!


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          I've bought several tools at our WC...last of which was the 12 1/2" planer. I am now selling it so I can get a bandsaw. Since my projects usually involved over 100 BF, I've started having the Hardwood Lumber folks plane and sand it for me. Running that many BF of oak or cedar through the planer is a lot more time consuming than I can afford. I also don't have a sander....yet.

          I visit HD daily for most of my jobs (decks, trimwork, bookcases, entertainment centers and fences...I know...strange combos). Most of my clients fall in the medium price range right now, so materials coming from HD and Lowes are no problem. Ther are some that require the finer woods and for those I deal with Hardwood Lumber excvlusively. They are very nice folks and are more than willing to put up with us "little guys".
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            As the story goes, for every complaint lodged there are likely 10 quiet people who were satisfied and go unheard.

            I have had my share of issues with Home Depot, but have settled into some very basic logic:

            If I need expertise, I go to the experts - Woodcraft here in Atlanta has eperts and that's where I go when I have a serious issue.

            HD is a home supply warehouse - I go there for a purchase where I have already decided what I want. Their sales people are worth consulting for small hand tools (like a drill), and the more you go, the more you get to know who's opinion you respect and who can do no more than pull the box from the shelf. I must admit, I have similar views of the local Woodcraft guys.

            I have had extremely positive experiences with most of my Ridgid purchases and would not hesitate to buy a 3612 after looking at the 2424 set up, knowing the primary differences and the quality I have experienced with my other Ridgid tools. A new product (I waited to see the fliptop) I can understand the wait, but an updated product, I personally would not hesitate (I bought the new drill press although the old one was still on display).

            Lastly, I would strongly recommend Ridgid sales reps becomming more visible in the stores. When I bought the band saw, I was lucky enough to see the Ridgid rep and he added a lot to the decision. I think it would do them well to be around on a Saturday or two, and perhaps on a regular schedule so they could be consulted, maybe even hand out a t-shirt or something so others will know they were there. If there were a Ridgid rep in my local store that had a truck full of accessories (riser block, zero clearance inserts, etc.) that HD does not see as fast moving enough to stock, I would be much more inclined to go ahead and order one from the web site.

            OK I have vented, who's next?


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              Thanks, Kelly, for the constructive criticism. I shall be certain the right people see this. [img]smile.gif[/img]

              (those boxes are a sore spot all round, I think)


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                Originally posted by rwine:
                Disgruntled with Home Depot,Ihave went there four times to look and probably buy a 3612 saw.Round trip is a little over 2 hours.They have them in stock,Butwont set one up to look at.I have asked each time,this has taken place over the last two months.The store is Columbia MO.just down the road from ST.LOUIS.So much for trying to Buy it during 10 percent off sale.JET here I come. Relly like RIGID tools. Sorry for the rant. LOve this FORUM,I have read it for about four months, very good pointers.

                You have mail...



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                  Great post Jerry Jensen! I have to agree, I too have had my share of disappointments with Home Depot but many positive ones also. Like Jerry says they may be the exclusive outlet for this line from Ridgid but Ridgid is not their exclusive supplier and I don't think we would want it that way. I like Chevys and my son likes Fords but we both like choices. I think the Home Depot problem is unchecked growth and a limited supply of knowledgeable people willing to work retail for the wages available. My wife has worked retail and I think I would have bashed some of her customers. I ran a Fixed Base Operation (aircraft service station to over simplify it) and the scar tissue on your tongue can sure build up from biting it to keep from telling off customers.

                  There is absolutely no acceptable excuse for some of the problems I have seen described here. Running a business such as HD calls for a delicate balance of paying enough to have good people but also keeping prices down. Sometimes those two are mutually exclusive. The short time I have been a Ridgid customer and on this forum I have been very impressed with the products and support as well as value!

                  I sure hate to see these posts turning in to bashing grounds. I have never had a problem that was taken to the department manager or assistant store manager level that was not resolved in a fair and reasonable way. I see-saw back and forth between Lowes and HD but both have failed at times and both have been good sources. Frankly I try to buy from my local lumber yard and plumbing supply when possible and sometimes they beat both big boxes. I feel about both sort of like I feel about Wal-Mart, I would rather support a local business rather than a giant corporation (even though I guess you could call Lowes a local here in NC).

                  With a little research I sure would not let the lack of a display TS3612 stop me from getting one especially if I could put my hands on the TS2424 display. There is hardly any difference that cannot be explained on the Ridgid product demo.

                  It is HD's business to not closeout 2424's, I would guess that they paid for them. I don't think it is reasonable to demand that they assemble a display and take up valuable space and resources.

                  I sure wish there was a spell check on this, but then I would really forget how to spell. Sorry for the long rant, just my over $.02 worth.

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                    Dave Arbuckle,
                    I have yet to met you, but thanks for being alert and quick to address problems and help others. What very little I have done in WW has shown me that WoodCraft is one of the best places to shop. I do wish they had another store in the east Dallas area, but then I didn't step forward when they were offering to sell 4 or 5 of their franchises here in Texas.
                    HD, for me, is OK, but the comments about the big box warehouse and WAL-MART compairsons sure do ring true. As all of us that have been in retail know, good customer service is a big key to success, but is hard to achieve on a consistant basis, espcially as an organization gets larger and larger.
                    I do wish Ridgid and HD would improve things and I would really like to see Ridgid offered elsewhere along with HD. Don't know if I am ready to sign a petition yet, but I sure am ready to consider it.
                    Well, there are my 2 cnets worth.

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                      Papbear brings up a great I should have made earlier along with the critical remarks. Woodcraft has the best customer service of any of the WW stores in the DFW area that I've visited so far. I've never met Dave either, but would be willing to bet he will pass the info on to those who should hear it. Each time I've been in there, the staff has been more than helpful with any questions I have had. The tool prices there are very competitive. I also wish they had a store nearer to me so I could haunt it more often.

                      The worst for customer service has to go to Woodworld near TI. The owner and his helpers appear to care nothing of the folks who patronize the store. I went there to by a drill press in 2000, but left after only a few minutes. I felt the attitude when I walked into the place and it never got better so I left. They do have a very nice display for their tools and their lumber, but with an attitude like they have, I'd sooner be flogged than to have to buy anything there.

                      I rarely have any problems at HD or Lowe's, but then I understand that I am dealing with a huge chain's store, so I pretty much just get what I need, poke around and find what I know the staff can't and ask them to get it for me, then get out before the homeowners get off work and fill the store (the checkout lines are murder after 5pm).

                      To get really good service from a store like this requires (1) luck or (2) knowing one of the employees well or (3) getting the manager's attention. There are good people in the big stores, but they are few and far between. If you find one, be very nice to them and they'll get you anything you want. Since I'm in HD's everyday of the world, I have no problems.

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                        Kelly, I'd like to thank you again for bringing up the concerns. I had a good chat with the Manager and Assistant Manager about it, and I think y'all will be seeing some positive changes very soon. When you look at something so often, it sometimes is hard to notice it is running down.

                        Apologies to rwine for the hijack...



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                          Well finally someone at my HD(Manassas,VA) got it together and set up a Ridgid display in a nice convenient way. Taking a set of heavy storage units they placed the display on the ground level and then stacked all the in stock machines and accessories above the display. You can see what is in stock and can get to the displays to get your hands on a machine. They even had everything displayed, even had a 3612,2424 and 2400 setting side by side. Only thing needed was thst someone should have done a little wiping off the dust and dirt. But all in all not bad.

                          One nice thing about the Northern Virginia area is I have four HD with in twenty miles and they are now building one about 2 miles away. If I am looking for something I'll call HD and see if they have it in stock at that store before making the trip.

                          HD internet site sucks when it comes to Ridgid tools. Go to their site and send them an informative and a little nasty email about you dealings at their stores and internet site. I did and got at least a reply from them. If we all take the time to complain a little maybe someone will listen.

                          That my 2 cents!


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                            I live in St. Louis and the HD on Hanley Rd. has the 3612 set up, right next to a 2424. There is also a lathe, bandsaw, jointer, planer and radial arm saw.

                            Just thought you'd like to know.



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                              Thanks to you Dave for caring. Look forward to seeing the changes you guys make...hopefully it will bring more sales for you all.

                              Maybe we should get some HD guys on the forum... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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                                after reading all the negative about HD i had to add my 2 bits worth.the HD i deal with here in Ontario Canada has always been a pleasant experience for me.the store is located in the north end of the city of Oshawa and the staff there is top notch, well informed and if they by chance do not know of an item they will find out for me immediately.the tool coral area is laid out nicely and the Ridgid display is up to date, clean and functional.have pruchased many Ridgid brand woodworking tools and have been more than satisfied with them all.
                                thanks and have a good 1,