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    Disgruntled with Home Depot,Ihave went there four times to look and probably buy a 3612 saw.Round trip is a little over 2 hours.They have them in stock,Butwont set one up to look at.I have asked each time,this has taken place over the last two months.The store is Columbia MO.just down the road from ST.LOUIS.So much for trying to Buy it during 10 percent off sale.JET here I come. Relly like RIGID tools. Sorry for the rant. LOve this FORUM,I have read it for about four months, very good pointers.

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    I also went to home depot(Humble Tx) yesterday, To get more insight on the 3612. They had one set up but you could'nt even see it for all the dust. and crud piled on top of it.The Table on it was rusty what you could see of it and was out of line. The ridgid drill press had a broke cord that looked like it went through a tar pit. the planer was missing pieces. a the ts 2400 was missing the cord not to mention a whell on the dolly/table for it. But I don't blame ridgid for it, I am still going to buy the 3612, It is HD's fault, I went over the HD in the woodlands and their ridgid setup looked quite nice. So just because HD is doing a bad job I wouldn't change my mind on a good saw..You might regret it.....


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      Numbers are everything! If HD does not give Ridgid the percentage of market share they feel they should have things should change. Distribution may become more widespread. If Ridgid doesn't give Emerson the market share they feel Ridgid should have, heads will roll. Numbers are everything!
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        I agree the service in Home Depot sucks. Home Depot has become the "Evil Empire", just like Micro$oft, the cable company (all of them), and Bell Atlantic.

        When I bought my Ridgid jointer, I walked over to the tool coral. There I could see THREE (3) JP0610 jointers in boxes, right in front. So I told the "sales person" working in the tool coral that I wanted to purchase a Ridgid jointer. I told her the model was JP0610. She said, "We're out of stock on those." I said, "You have three (3) of them right there." She said "Oh you mean one of those?, yeh we got 'em"
        TRUE STORY!

        I think a good solution for Ridgid and it's customers, us, would be to make ALL of they're products available online.
        Why do I have to go to Home Depot?
        Why can't I buy a table saw on the web?
        It's to heavy?
        If a truck can bring it to Home Depot, then a truck can bring it to my front door.
        My ยข.02.
        Eastchester, NY


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          I have to chime in on this one as well. My local HD has the worst display of any of them in Dallas, but I still bought the Ridgid because their quality stood out among the others and the warranty cannot be beaten. Jet has a fine saw, but I think the Ridgid shouldn't be passed up just because of an unknowledgeable staff and bad displays. There's got to be an HD in your area that does have a good in which there's an older employee that knows a little more about how to display tools. Even the Woodcraft here stinks at displaying the Jet and Powermatic saws. Good displays are almost a thing of the past and it's really sad, but there are a ton of just have to look hard for them.

          Maybe someone here knows of an HD in your area that has a 3612 already set up. Also, you might give a call to the store manager...they are usually willing to go to great lengths to make a sale of that magnitude...keep us posted!

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            They told me ,they had 2 more 2424saws to sell out of stock before they would set a 3612 saw up.I ask why they could notset oneup,because they have 2 ,3612 on shelfs.He told me that he would not AND WILL NOT untill all 2424 are sold. IF I want to drive to a differnt hd ,it is 5HOURS round trip to ST.LOUIS or KANAS CITY.I aready have 8 hours over two months in this,and no new saw yet.LET alone see one.


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              I live in St. Louis and the store I went to didn't have one set up, but I didn't need one too. I would suggest calling a few HD's in St. Louis or KC (I was there this past weekend and I passed 4 HD's) to see if they have one set up for you to look at.



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                The one thing that really gripes me about HD is that you know that they are the ONLY place to purchase Ridgid power tools but they refuse to even list them on their web-site! If it hadn't been for this forum and the Ridgid site in general, it would have been virtually impossible to find out about the 3612. Now to just get mine set up....


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                  Even the Woodcraft here stinks at displaying the Jet and Powermatic saws.

                  Ouch! Kelly, any suggestions on how we can do better?



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                    Well the HD in Golden Co, has a saw set up, since I haven't seen a 3612, I don't know what it is, I do know there are two signs on it, one says it is a 2424 and one says it is a 3612??
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                      I live in the KC Area and still haven't seen a 3612 set up. I go the Indep HD and the Liberty HD on lunch. I went to the Gladstone HD today for you on lunch and didn't find one. I have the 2424.

                      I would suggest talking to the manager and getting the 2424 with the accesory package at a reduced price since it's a clearence item. Then just slide the rails over. Ridgid can get you the new rule to go on it. I used to hate Lowes because it was such a "yuppy" store over HD. Now i go to Lowes because HD makes my blood boil. Good Luck.


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                        Thank YOU for looking in K.C.for me. They dont have them on clearence down here. I realy dont think they want to sell them.Ridgid needs to find another store to sell there products at.HD seems they dont care and then it makes you wonder about the warranty .Very BAD SERVICE at all stores it seems to be.So much for the 10% off sale , it would have been about $60.00 SAVED.


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                          Just a thought here, but why don't we start an on-line petition, right here in the bb, requesting that Ridgid find another supply line to their customers and drop hd off the face of the map? The only reason I go to hd is because of Ridgid tools, if I had another place to go I would. For anything else that I need I either go to a local or to Lowes.


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                            Atta boy Dave Arbuckle. I gotta respect a man/woman who hears a complaint about their company and steps up and asks how can I fix it. All you Dallas folks should stop and see Dave.
                            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                              Before I get started on this, I meant nothing personal...I didn't know you worked there other than I did see your name on the classes list. One of these days I'm gonna take one of them (and now I'll probably flunk it... [img]smile.gif[/img] ..)

                              I was in there the other day asking about the dust bag to fit on the back of my portable Ridgid table saw (and wasting time waiting for my cedar to be delivered to Hardwood Lumber Co). I saw the displays of all the saws and in all fairness it was better than some other stores, but there were too many saws set up in a crowded area up front. The ones that shoulda been up first as you walk in were almost hidden. I also saw a tower of boxes on the second row that coulda been set up in another place. Those first two rows on each side are your TS showroom right? I'd thin it out a bit and maybe put a couple of the cheaper ones elsewhere in the store so that the nicer ones could have more space.

                              The Jet with the Ultra fence was what I would have put in front door to the left (the first place anyone looks when entering a store...not sure why, but it's true for 75% of shoppers). It's the "shiny Corvette in the window" theory of retail display creation. That saw is one of the prettiest ones you sell and since it has the "Cadillac" of Fences on it...why not showcase it?

                              For the other 25%, I'd flank the other side of the entry with a top line Powermatic then the big Delta right next to it. On each side I'd step down in price as you went along. One thing I liked was the TS's were in the front and the other machines behind them. It seems the first big machine (and the most important) most folks buy is the TS. You might not have the room to let people walk around each one, but as much room as you can spare is a good start. There should be enough room to at least peek around on each of them.

                              Another thing about the displays is that they should be spotless and free of anything on top of them. I know it's hard to keep everything clean in a busy store, but increased sales would definitely be worth the extra time it takes.

                              I (along with a few others I know of) think of Woodcraft as the "top of the line" store in our area for anything related to woodworking. To this end a very well kept display area for the tools is very important if you want to maintain this title.

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                              Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>