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EB4424 Bench Sander or R2740 Hand Sander

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  • EB4424 Bench Sander or R2740 Hand Sander

    I'm new to this forum. I tend to buy tools as I need them and buy the best I can afford at the time.

    I have an ongoing project coming up that might last for a year or so. I will be cutting 1/2inch birch plywood boards 59" x 31" in size. The edges will be visible and I need to round each corner to about a 2" radius. I already have the saws I need, but am lacking sanders. I own a 1/2 sheet finish sander and a 4-1/2 angle grinder.

    I am guessing that I will need a belt sander of some kind to dress the edges and complete the rounded corners.

    There is a $100 difference in price, but I can make that up with a few of the finished projects.

    Which would best suit my needs and which would be easiest to use? I am concerned two ways. The R2740 might be to difficult to get consistent results. The EB4424 might be difficult to man handle the plywood properly.

    Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: EB4424 Bench Sander or R2740 Hand Sander

    Got a drill press? If so, get one of these,,42500

    Then make yourself a 2" radius jig that catches on the edge of the plywood and you can just run it past a router, then clean it up with sanding, or skip the sanding. ;-)

    Personally, I'd use a radius jig and a bearing flush trim / pattern bit in a router (table or handheld).

    Here is an example of a pre-made radius / rounded corner jig:

    But you can make your own in about 15 minutes, and put two cleats on it to register against the plywood edges.

    Here's a whole video on it:

    This works with either a router or that template sander for your DP.