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  • TS3650 SAw Blade

    I am looking to buy a new blade for my saw. I still currently have the stock blade and it is getting dull. I was looking at the Tenryu GM-25540 but wasn't sure how it would perform with this saw. It is my understanding that the stock blade is a thin kerf and all though this is sold as a thin kerf blade it is thick for a think kerf. I wasn't sure if I should look at a true thin kerf or if it really doesn't matter. I cut probably more plywood than hard wood, but was looking for a good blade for both and wood magazine rated this blade very well for both hardwood and plywood and it also rated well for both rips and cross cuts. I was just looking for some input. I know I should probably get two to 4 blades but cost is an issue.

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    Re: TS3650 SAw Blade

    Don't have nor have I ever used that blade but I doubt if you'll be disappointed. Just remember, whatever blade you decide on it's going to be head and shoulders above that stock blade. Other blades to consider would be the Ridgid Carbide TS2000(FK or TK), Freud P410, Freud LU84 or LU85 and of course Forrest.
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      Re: TS3650 SAw Blade

      The Gold Medal is a nice blade. I've had two but am no longer using them. A 3/32" thin kerf will be easier for the saw to spin, especially in thick materials but since the kerf of the GM is only 0.111" as opposed to 0.125" of a full kerf, it'll still have a pretty easy time of it. Most saws will spin a full kerf fairly well too, but a good TK definitely has lower feed pressure.

      The Forrest WWII, Ridge Carbide TS2000, and Infinity Combomax are just a few other TK blades that are every bit as good as the Gold Medal....the TS2000 has thicker carbide. The WWII and the TS2000 are both made in the USA and are available in both full and thin kerf. The Tenryu Gold Medal is made in Japan, many of their other blades are made in China.

      You might consider grabbing two blades instead of one, and expand the range of your blade capability. A pair of blades like the Infinity 010-060 60T (0.104" TK) or a Freud LU88R010 60T TK mated with 24T TK FTG ripper like the Infinity 010-124 or Freud LU87R010 will take you further in the extreme ranges of efficient ripping in thick stock (24T) and cleaner cuts in medium stock (60T). Both the LU88 and 010-060 are quite versatile for general purpose work, and the Infinity is superior in plywood, melamine, and crosscutting hardwoods.

      My picks for that saw would be the LU87 mated with the Infinity 010-060. Compared to the Gold Medal, you'll be roughly on budget, will have more efficient ripping capability in thick stock, will have cleaner cuts in general purpose cuts, crosscuts, and especially in veneered plywoods. (~ $105 for the pair)

      In the meantime, try giving your stock blade a good cleaning.
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