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  • bandsaw fence

    Hi, I have a BS1400 and seek ideas fo0r a decent fence that fits. I saw the sears "universal fence" but I am pretty sure there is better out there. Does anyone have the sears or the kreg.......or any ideas?
    Thanks Bill

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    Take the Craftsman BS fence back for a refund and get the Kreg or a similar aftermarket fence. You will be much happier.


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      There was a thread about this very subject within the last 7-10 days. You might want to use the Search feature and hunt it down.
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        Check out your local library for guide books on bandsaws. Most will have a plan or two to make an adjustable fence. You really don't need anything fancy, and unlike a fence for a table saw, a bandsaw fence that is adjustable has it's advantages to keep it parallel to the blads's track, as opposed to just square with the table.

        I recently purchased the Cutting Edge "Band Saw Tips and Tricks" by Ken Burton. (SBN f1-55870-702-6) It has plans for a fence as well as other jigs and fixtures.