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need ideas for router table extension

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  • need ideas for router table extension

    i need tips, tricks, suggestions, and if at all possible, pics for a router table extension for a ts2412.

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    i asked a similar question some time ago and got some very good ideas. i have saved some of them but will have to look for them.

    i am however, this next spring going to find my self a local machine shop/tool and die maker and see about getting the following accomplished (depending on cost)

    get a piece of cast iron the same dimensions of one of the extension wings. i want to have it machined so that my makita rf-1101 is a perfect fit. i want to have both a horizontal and vertical groove cut into it so the mitre gague can be used both ways. this will allow me to use the fence as well.

    the only concern i can seem to find is the weight of such a wing. i figure some braces can be attached either diagonally or vertically to support such weight.

    this is one of my as my wife likes to say "dilusions of grandure" (i am sure i misspelled it).

    despite that it is something i am going to look into.


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      Space, don't want to discourage you but I looked into something similar but with Aluminum instead (much cheaper than cast iron and machining costs are much lower). Unfortunately, it was going to cost as much as the Table saw

      Another possibility though when you get looking into it would be phenolic. You can look for Garolite grade XX. It is incredibly easy to machine yourself.


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        A number of people on the WoodNet forum have adapted this cast iron router table to fit their TS's. At a standard 27", it fits between the rails. Taking off the cast legs probably reduces the weight by 15-20lbs, so you're looking at around 75lbs hanging from the aluminum rails. With the -1 code comes in for $179. Includes fence and switch!



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          I added the Craftsman Router Table extension to the right of my exisitng cast iron extension on my TS3612. Very nice router table with fence, dust collection, jointer capable, etc. It's aluminum so it doesn't add a lot of weight to the end of the saw, and it will fit virtually any router if you buy the universal mounting plate. I have me DeWalt in there now. Here's a link to it.


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            Why not just build one like this Rockler design?
            It will weigh less than a metal one and you actually get to BUILD something with all these fancy tools! As soon as I get my TS, I'm going to make one of these, along with all the TS jigs that everyone here seems to buy. Come on people, it's not just about buying tools- you can actually make them yourself!


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              cutbuff:i am using a ts2412 with the molded extensions. if i replace my left extension with the harborfrieght, that would cause the table to be a lot heavier on the leftside. could i run into any problems because of this?

              gmack:have you had any problems with warpage with the sears top? will a standard rigid mitre gauge fit the mitre tracks?


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                I haven't had any warpage issues, as the aluminum is well ribbed and supported underneath. The standard mitre guage will not fit the track on the router table as the bar is too high for the slot. There is a mitre guage supplied with it, but it's bad. I make jigs for all my router work anyway. I'd post pictures, but don't seem to be able to find out how?


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                  I don't think you'll have any trouble with a cast iron wing on one side and a stamped steel one on the other. If your concerned you can always buy from Ridgid a pair of webbed wings and sell one on!

                  Most users do not have cast iron but standard melamine faced 1 1/4" thick MDF as their table saw router table, as suggested by Yogi.



                  Buy or build or any combination of the two. [img]smile.gif[/img]