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Looking for a outfeed table design: Pictures of your outfeed table

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  • Looking for a outfeed table design: Pictures of your outfeed table

    I am looking to built a outfeed table for my TS3612 saw. I am curious to find out what innovative designs and ideas people have come up with and are willing to share with me. Could you post a picture of a link to a picture for the visual?

    - Jimmy

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    I used these plans for mine.


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      Used similar design as Stuart.

      I've e-mailed my plans to you.


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        I built a 4'X4' combo outfeed/main work table for my saw. It was first used on my contractors saw, and then modified to fit my Unisaw. Miter slots in the table, vise and for 20 amp plugs on it make it real useful.
        Can't post picture here, sorry!
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        Maybe I can..........

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          I find the Ridgid flip top stand suits my needs. I have used it on as large as splitting a 4" x 8" sheet of plywood lengthwise and as small as ripping 1/8" strips from 1" X 6" stock. It also works well with my MS and DP when needed.


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            Go to my site and look in the shop pictures and links pages...I made one for $12 then made a top for it and two rolling carts to go underneath my dado and cutoff sleds are getting ready to go in one cart when I modify it this weekend.
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              I figured out how to post pictures here! Just need another website to host them for me first!

              Here is how my out feed table is.......

              As you can see, the table sits close to the saw. Since I don't have the motor hanging out the back, it is closer than it was with the contractors saw.

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                Originally posted by Stuart H:
                I used these plans for mine.

                These exact plans are also part of the new WoodShop issue of Wood magazine that went on the newstands this week. Many other good plans too.

                I'm still debating if I want to build that outfeed table or remove the TS3612 stand and drop the whole thing on a large platform with built-in outfeeds... (a plan is also in that Wood magazine).