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Need help please: Dado insert question

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  • Need help please: Dado insert question

    Hey guys i was wondering what kind of price you should pay for a dado insert for the 3650
    I just bought the freud 208 set and asked the salesman at my HD how much for an insert,he looks it up and tells me $53, does this sound right ?
    Thats almost half the price of the set

    One more Question ( i think badger dave posted something on this) i was wondering how you make an insert for bevelled cuts


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    Just make your own. They're not that difficult to make.


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      Thanx newfguy i think i will,was still wondering about how to make them zci for bevelled cuts though


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        netz, to make the beveld ZCI, just mount a blank insert on the saw, set the blade to the desired angle then raise the blade up through the insert.

        Making your own isn't that difficult but if you'd rather purchase blanks here's one place you can get them.
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          thanx badgerdave i just purchased my 3650 (882 packs of smokes lol)and got it all set up ,i've already made some zci's for my single blade.i just bought the sd208 dado set but wasnt sure if it was safe to raise it through while angled with all them teeth a spinning.

          ps a dollar a blank for mdf sure beats the $53
          quoted to me by our friendly neighbourhood HD man

          thanx for all the useful info


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            sorry that was 82 packs of smokes ,just felt like 882 lol


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              I usually make several at a time when I make them. I have a Craftsman 22124, but the concept is the same. I use the insert that came with the saw as a pattern. I rough cut the blank on the bandsaw, and then double-stick tape the "master" to it and use a flush trim bit on the router table to finish it up. You can then lower the blade and install the new insert, and set the blade angle to whatever you need, and them just slowly raise the blade. If this bothers you with the dado set installed, you can lower the blades, install the insert, and clamp your rip fence down over the insert (out of the way of the cut, of course). The rip fence will keep the blades from pushing the instert out.

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                I paid $24.00 for mine at my local Home Depot (special order). However I think the guy that took my order didn't know what he was doing and he enter the wrong price, I believe the right price is about $31.00 to $33.00 US.

                In my lonely opinion, don't ever go directly to Ridgid Part what a rip off.

                If I had to make the choice between Ridgid Parts or making my own. I will make my own.

                I hope I am not offending anyone from Ridgid, After all, it is a good brand, but crappy after market part(expensive), and accessories


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                  thanx for all the input guys,it sure makes this hobby alot more interesting and safe

                  Well i gotta go do that dumb work stuff now,someones gotta pay the bills eh!

                  thanx again