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Link Belt on TS3650

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  • Link Belt on TS3650

    Have always been troubled by the "startup" thump on this saw. With prior units I was always able to adjust the backlash on the raising mechanism to eliminate. As a quick trial I switched out the pulleys (machined) and put on link belt. The difference in performance is simply amazing. I would highly recommend!!!!

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    Re: Link Belt on TS3650

    When you say "difference in performance" do you mean just start up or the entire running of the saw?


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      Re: Link Belt on TS3650

      I wouldn't recommend everyone go through the expense and trouble of changing out the belt and pulleys on the Ridgid contractor saw. The stock Ridgid serpentine belt and pulleys are as good a setup, if not better, as the link belt and aftermarket pulley system would be.

      Granted the machined pulleys are probably of better quality than the stock ones. However, if properly setup and defective parts are not part of the equation, the stock belt and pulleys should operate flawlessly. Mine have since 2003.
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        Re: Link Belt on TS3650

        I feel that it simply runs better, certainly more smoothly. I agree that the serpentine belt system is far superior to some of the poor pulleys and belts shipped with many contractor saws today but I think that the machined pulleys and link belt simply take it one step further. I was more convinced than ever last night as I ripped up a half dozen sheets of baltic birch that I am using in a large home theatre speaker system that I am constructing. I am not the first to notice this improvement with the link belt.


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          Re: Link Belt on TS3650

          Well, I won’t dispute an upgrade like this, good is good. However, the OEM drive seems to be an advantage over the competition. So, I would agree with Badger, the wheel works so no need to reinvent, but if you got the time and $$ to spend…… If that saw has any downside, it is because it is a contractors saw, with contractor faults. Folks, I am ready for a cabinet saw…….. I guess you can see where I am coming from.