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  • Jointer comments......

    I would appreciate any comments owners of the Ridgid Jointer might have. Are you happy with the machine? Any complaints? Also, would you buy a planar or a jointer first? I feel like I'd get more use out of the jointer since I don't buy rough lumber at the moment.

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    I'm still happy with mine after a year. There really aren't any huge differences between different brands of 6" jointers, so choose the best deal.

    Regarding jointer or planer first... whichever you get first, you'll want the other soon. And a dust collector.


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      No complaints from my end of the woods either! Taunton Press in last winters jointer comparison, recommended the Ridgid jointer among the mid-priced equipment (althought they indicated that all machines tested were pretty equal). P.S. In another article in that edition, I believe that they gave top marks to the Ridgid surface planer. There is one school of thought that says you really dont need a jointer. However, the article in that edition of Fine Woodworking magazine indicated that both are really needed if you are going to be half serious about your work. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
      Chris Berg


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        Just my opinion, but I have a Ridgid planer and would not consider giving it up for anything. I don't have a jointer and have not found a need for one. Dan
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          I have the JP610. I couldn't image life without it. Most lumberyards can get you S2S wood (planed), so I went with the jointer first. If you are buying rough lumber then you will need a planer too. I went for a Dewalt planer at $238 (incld tax) at Lowes.



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            The Jointer is nice but I highly recomend you purchase a set of casters that fit to go along with it because it is HEAVY!

            You will also need to work on your form and speed. I find that the jointer will make a satisfactory edge, at best, if you move your work peice too quickly across the cutter head.

            For the price and quality of manufacture, I am pleased with my Ridgid Jointer, however, I would have paid more for a larger motor with higher RPM

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              Just for everyone's information the Herc-U-Lift will not work on the jointer. Thanks!


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                I am pleased with my jointer and bought it because the planer is designed to alter thickness not to straighten sides. To remove warped and uneven edges or to bevel it is great. You can use a router or even a table saw to some extent but that requires jigs.


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                  I have the Ridgid jointer and love it. The longer and wider the jointer the better. I pay my wood supplier to plane my lumber for now. Takes extra sanding. If you are gluing boards together I would get a jointer.