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  • miter blade saw dilema

    although i have one hell of a table saw owning my ridgid, i have found that i am not completly happy cutting miter joints. seems like the more accurate i try to be, the farther off i end up.

    i use a CMT general blade on my tablesaw, when i first bought it and attempted to use it for miter work i found my wood being burnt a bit. I managed to fix this problem with a set of dampners. but i still am not happy with the miter cuts when i need them to be dead on. so i find myself using my miter saw. well it is time for a new blade. the blade that came with it was used extensively and just dulled out. i took it to a local saw shop to get sharpened and although sharp provides a terrible cut. i bought a thin kerf freud mitre blade for it and like it even less. so i am looking for a dedicated miter saw blade. what would you guys recommend. i am torn between the forrest chopmaster, cmt dedicated miter blade, and possibly the amana miter blade. looking for recommendations


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    Not sure which Freud blade you bought, but I use an 80 tooth, thin kerf, fine cross cut Freud and it works great.

    I use forrest blades in the TS and RAS and I like them because of the clean cuts they produce. If you like the cuts you get on your table saw, you might consider building a miter sled for your tablesaw. I normally use this or the RAS for miters when I'm in the shop and the CMS for site work.

    Bob R