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  • Drill Press "swing

    What is "swing" as it relates to Drill Presses? Also is a rotating head a desired feature, I can't really imagine needing to drill angled holes where it can't be accomplished by tilting the table.

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    I'll tell you, but you aren't going to believe me...

    "Swing" is twice the distance from the chuck to the column. Yup, -twice-. Theory being, the swing is the largest circle you can drill to the middle of. I would love to meet whoever came up with that and shake their hand.

    By rotating head, are you referring to a radial drill press? They are neat, but I've never seen a small one that is well built, they tend to be kind of flexy. For an off the top of my head example of when tilting the table just won't do, imagine drilling an angled hole in a long timber, where it hits the floor before the desired angle is reached.



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      I don't get it Dave... If a DP has 14" swing, that means 7" from chuck to table?

      No, I'm sorry 14" swing would be 7" from C/L of the chuck to C/L of the column? or nearest Radi' of the column. For instance if I had a 14" diameter solid wheel lying flat on my DP table I could drill a hole dead center of that whell. Is this correct?

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        Dave gave the exact descriptor for swing. Distance from the centre of chuck to the outside of the column (not the C/L) x2. On a Ridgid DP1550 this distance is 7 1/2" hence a 15" swing.


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          Yeah, what Dave said.

          Swing is a lathe term, meaning how big a part can I swing (mounted in the chuck) without it hitting the lathe bed. Since a drill press is really just a lathe turned on its side, DP swing means that you can swing a 14" inch wide drill bit. [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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            Originally posted by Rich:
            Yeah, what Dave said.

            DP swing means that you can swing a 14" inch wide drill bit. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

            Warning: spining a 14" object is definitly not recommend!