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  • TS2424

    Hello all,
    I have a TS2424 that is now a 3612 and was wondering how much of a problem people have had with the arbor/dado blade problem on these saws. I know the newer saws have the problem and I'm getting ready to buy my first dado. I will go home tonight and look at it, can someone shed some light as what to look for and or measure as I'm fairly new to the trade.

    Thanks, Jason

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    I’ve been spinning a Freud SD508 on my TS2424 that produces perfectly flat-bottomed dadoes (as flat and smooth as you could reasonably want for woodworking purposes anyway).



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      As far as I know, there was never a problem with the arobrs on the 3612's or the 2424's. I believe that Emerson had corrected that problem while they were still making saws for Sears and before they started producing saws under the RIDGID trademark. The current arobr situation, as far as dados are concerned, is only on TTI/OWT manufactured saws(3650).
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        Here's a pic of a good 3612 arbor:

        Here's a pic of a problematic 3650 arbor:

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          Hey thanks to all for the great advise and pictures. I went out last night and found no problem with my arbor. It was just eating at me yesterday at work and wanted to get as much input as possible.

          Thanks again,


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            I have a TS2424 that I dearly love and get great results with my stacked dado.


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              The problem originated back when they were making pretty much the same saw for Craftsman (which I have). I can't remember if they corrected it sometime during the years they made the 2424 or not, but they corrected it---even with the replacement parts they sold through Sears, which is how mine got fixed. With a good dado set, you'll have great results.