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Blade Adjustment on a 3650

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  • Blade Adjustment on a 3650

    I need help with my 3650. What can i do to make the blade 90 degs to the table. This is a new problem, when i crank the hand wheel it gets to the end and the blade is still off a couple degs from being 90. I cleaned off the adjustment screw assembly but still no go. What has happened to cause this?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Re: Blade Adjustment on a 3650

    just follow the instructions in the owners manual about aligning the blade and setting the 90 deg adn 45 deg stops. persionally, i use a drafting square or an indicator guage(or a wixey gauge) to set the blade to 90 or 45 whenever i need to adjust it. i find relying on the stops almost always results in a degree or two of inaccuracy due to saw dust build up.
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      Re: Blade Adjustment on a 3650

      The adjustment instructions for your problem are on pg 43 of the 3650 manual. If for some reason you do not have the manual, go to, and look up the saw under Literature Search. The entire manual is there in pdf format.
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        Re: Blade Adjustment on a 3650

        Are you adjusting the correct screw? The 90 degree stop set screw is the one to the left of the blade, and it sounds like you need to turn it counterclockwise (for a couple degrees I would guess about 1/4 turn). The screw on the right is the 45 degree stop. I know that sounds backwards, but remember that everything under the table is moving the opposite direction of the section of blade above the table.

        If that doesn't allow enough movement, you may need to move the entire trunnion assembly a bit to the right. When doing this, it helps if the blade is beveled some while moving the trunnion. As this will require the blade re-set parallel to miter slot, I would first make sure that there is no trash in the curved tracks (front and back), and that there is not a burr under the set screw from where they tapped out the hole.

        Also, it is best to remove the insert from the saw while checking for blade squareness to table. If the insert is not flat with the table top, it will throw off the square when measuring.

        Good luck

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