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Why does Ridgid not correct the DP1550's?

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  • Why does Ridgid not correct the DP1550's?

    Why is it that everyone has problems with their pulleys on the DP 1550's? Does Ridgid think this is an acceptable error or is it like adjusitng the fence system on a table saw (just something that comes with the territory)?

    Clue me in because that is the only complaint I have really heard on the DP's, pulleys, pulleys, and pulleys.


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    I will be purchasing a new DP in the near future. Since this problem seems to be the norm with the DP1550, I think I'm going to go with the Delta. I'd like to stay with the Rigid line, but they don't seem interested in fixing this small problem.
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      I'm not sure why ridgid does not correct the problem with the DP 1550 but it seems as though the staff at tech support have been put through the paces to correct the problem. I have never had a more pleasurable experice with tech support staff. That includes Grizzly whom is noted for there support services.

      It is frustrating to purchase a new piece of equipment and immediatly have to get replacement parts the originals were faulty. That being said if I recieve corrected properly spec'ed parts I will be a happy customer.

      BTW I checked spindle run out on my machine (to decide if I should just take it back to home depot instead of spending time repairing a new machine) and it only measured .002 so I decided to keep it and proceed with the repairs.

      Thanks for listening to my blabber.



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        WOW !!! .002 run out? That has got to be a record for the most accurate. I've read reviews where the high quality, bigger brand names ran as much as .035 run out, and said it was acceptable. To get a true spindle that good, heck, I'd pay for another idler pully assembly. After all, the drill press comes with a price tag that can't be beat in the first place!
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