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  • Woodworking Blog help

    This is a completely random question, but there's an old woodworking blog out there that I can't find anymore. I got a new computer, and didn't transfer over all of the old favorites, so it's gone....

    Anyway, the blob I'm looking for was written by an older gentleman, he had pretty much every tool ever made! The site had a yellowish background to it. He had a dog on the front page of the blog, and got help from (I think) his daughters or grand-daughters. I know that he built a beautiful bathroom vanity in his daughter's house as one of his projects.

    Anyone familiar with the site I'm referring to?

    In the meantime, how about people post some of their favorite woodworking sites / blogs (other than the forum here of course!!)

    Thanks in advance, for reading this random question!

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    Re: Woodworking Blog help

    Is this the guy?



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      Re: Woodworking Blog help

      Thanks John, that's the one!!!!

      Thanks again for your help.