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    watched as a ts3650 was being put together at local hd. ridgid ain't playin, this is a serious saw imho. the discounted 3612 looks like a great saw but the improvements on this 3650 (dust collector, miter t ,enclosed motor, solid wings) all looked real good to me. the attention to detail on other things that I'm sure could have been less and still ok really impressed me. when it quits rainin I gotta go get mine. No, I don't work for ridgid and usually don't take time to register on forums, just browse for info but I had to make and exception this time. Yes, ridgid I would consider a one time tv guest star advertising position.

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    I cant figure why our local HD has gone from one to many 3650s on the top shelf, and still have NO Ridgid table saws (old or new) on display.


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      Hi guys...
      I dont have a TS but an RS....same thing up here in Montreal...My local HD has no accessories on display, boxed up units and not even the whole line from RIGID Woodworking. Its a shame...You buy a RIGID woodworking unit and if the accessories dont come in the same box, chances are that you wont get any from the shelves. I spoke to the customer service rep in SC about this and she told me that there is one distributor in Canada located in Toronto ( about 450 miles from me ) and they have no catalogue or any info for me to buy more tooling accessories for my Radial Arm saw...
      Im surprised that your HD had some boxed up...I bought the floor model ! There is nothing left up here !!! Well there is Delta...and theres stock too...
      Why arent RIGID making better conditions for representation with HD....its like a find in a pawn shop getting something from Rigid...
      Well know what... I love my Radial saw...its the cats meow...for ripping, mitering and cross cutting....cant beat that.
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        As to HD not carrying accessories----this has been a practice even before the Ridgid name was sold. I never liked it, but could understand it, since they never alloted much room in the tool section.

        But, either on line or through HD's customer service desk, you could always order the parts from Ridgid----but, some who have reported here, say this isn't so easy anymore. Can't say first hand, but that's what I've read. And, for example, someone tried to get a dado insert for the new 3650 and they don't have one-----there's real planning for you!


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          Eazy Wind, I'd buy any accessories you can find for your RAS ASAP. I found an order sheet at an HD in Kenner, LA and the RAS is NOT listed anymore, nor are any accessories.

          Hilti products are getting alot more retail square footage than RIDGID in the HD's down here. I don't get it?!
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            I'd just like to say a little about the quality I saw. The extension wings seem to be flatter than the old webbed wings I got with mine. Even the webbed sections seem to be designed better as they had nice rectangular holes that clamps would slide through easily. The best thing I noticed (probably preference) was that the whol front edge of the saw had a beveled edge. High end saws from Delta have a beveled edge, but only on the table, not the wings. The Ridgid has it all the way across.