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  • WL1200 Lathe

    I can't find a supplier for this lathe!
    Shopping around, this seems like the best value.
    Does anyone know of a on-line supplier for this tool, as I've looked everywhere I can think of.
    Home Depot in Ca. says it's unavailable in my market, and none of the links at the Ridgid site turn up this tool.
    Plaese Help!!!
    Rob Johnson
    Orange, Ca.
    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!

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    if h.d. hasn't got it its a slow mover (with good reason imho) suggest you read the review in one of the last wood mags. depending on what your going to turn Its underpowered and the m.t 1 taprers are real light duty bill


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      Yea---our local HDs dropped it last spring---sold it out for $200. The Wood Magazine (Jan.) review of mid-level lathes gave it bad marks, as they did to Grizzly---both underpowered---this they measured by cutting identical piece of maple, to a certain depth---chart showed cutting times on each lathe (they even resharpened their tools for each test--very fair, I thought). Griz' and Rigid got the longest cutting times.

      I've been hoping Rigid would try again, but with the current attitude towards ww'ing tools at HD, I'd doubt it.

      BTW---in the article, the best buy was the Delta, at $650----if you want a lathe around the old Rigid price, you'll probably have to go with the HF.


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        Thanks for the input.
        Looks like I should get a copy of that test.
        Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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          I've got the WL1200, and it's not by any means a woodturners tool. Although I enjoy turning now and again, it has many short comings. If you are really going to be doing alot of turning, you'll have to put out at least twice what the Ridgid costs to begin to be satisfied. If your like me and just do small turnings on occasion, nothing big, heavy or way out of balance, it gives me turning pleasure with minimul investment.
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