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ridgid R250SFA double firing

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  • ridgid R250SFA double firing

    My straight finish nailer keeps double firing, sometimes three nails are coming out of it. The nails end up being mangled and sticking out of the wood. The jam release is clear of anything that may cause it as far as I can see. I am using 16 guage nails, the recommended size of nail for the tool.

    Anyone else have this problem, or a fix for this issue? Don't know what I am doing wrong!

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    Re: ridgid R250SFA double firing

    Ok, forgive my ignorance. Apparently I was pressing to hard on the tool. Now, the same thing is happening. Is it possible that after 10-20 times I did it wrong, I screwed up the tool? Sometimes no nails are fired at all. Pressure is at just under 100psi... can't think of anything else.