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Tack cloth?

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  • Tack cloth?

    Anyone know a way to make tack cloth? Seems like the stuff at "Do It Yourself" is almost too sticky. My old T-shirts that the wife is threatning to throw out just needs an extra use besides putting on finish.

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    Re: Tack cloth?

    a lint free rag and some paint thinner, works fairly well,

    I have read this one before,

    Same as the first basically.

    More here.

    Warning any time you make a or have a rag or rags, and some oils or varnishes on it keep it, separated out to dry, or keep them in a sealed can (paint can).

    Many Oils and some varnishes are very acceptable to spontaneous combustion,
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      Re: Tack cloth?

      Well that looks like it will do the trick. Thank you much. Now I can have a good supply on hand when needed and recycle those old t-shirts.