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  • Any real advantage?

    I've been looking at Planers now for months. Was all set to get the Rdigid TP1300, but then with everything going on, I just don't know.
    I went to HD today to look at a re-con TP 1300 I was told was in stock by the web site people at my local store, but of course, they never heard of it.
    Now I've been looking at the Delta line. Is there any real advantage in a 13" unit (planer, that is) over a 12 or 12 1/2"?
    How many 13" owners use the complete capacity of the machine?
    Theres such a price differance between the 12, 12 1/2" and 13" models.
    Also, what ever happened to the 15" Craftsman planer/molder? I can't find it on there web site.
    Rob Johnson
    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!

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    I have never gotten close to using the full width of my 12 (or 12+) inch planer. Normally you use the planer before glue-up, and I don't remember ever working with a good 12+ inch board.

    But I did get a wide sander, to smooth things after glue up, and to deal with special wood, etc. Don't know how I lived without it. So I would recommend getting a simpler thickness planer and a BIG sander.

    The dual speed feature on the Delta planer sounds like it would be important, but I have the single speed Delta, and don't feel like I have a problem that needs the slower feed (more cuts per inch) to fix. I thought the Ridgid planer was a little nicer than my Delta, but with disposable blades, I would wait to see how things settle out.


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      Charlie, what sander are you using? Would you have considered other brands?

      Best regards,



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        I too was set on the TP1300 but now I am considering the 2 speed 13" Delta. Compared with the 12.5" it a much more heavy duty machine with more features. I think it worth the difference in price. I am also curious to see how the upcoming Dewalt model will compare with the Delta.


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          I have the Delta 13" and love it! Capacity was the least of my considerations. It's heavier---sturdier, got very helpful features, knife changing is a breeze. The second speed is fantastic and gives you a surface nearly ready for the finish.


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            I recently got the Performax 1632, after consulting with Dr. Arbuckle, who also has one. Sands 16 inches at a time, but with an open end so you can do a piece 32 inches wide in two passes. If you watch the woodworking shows on TV, it is the one David Marks uses on Wood Works.

            The competing unit seems to be a Delta 1836. I was tempted by the extra couple inches, but the big difference is that the Performax table stays at a fixed level, and the drum moves up/down, while the Delta has a fixed drum and the table moves up/down. Performax also practically invented this class of sander so I figured that gave them an edge.

            You will need a vacuum or dust collector. I have filled my shop vac with sanding dust multiple times since I got it. I also recommend an ammeter as an accessory. You can adjust both the feed speed and the depth of cut, and there is a fine line between going as fast as you can for a particular wood/cut and overloading the motor and tripping the circuit breaker. With the ammeter, I can crank up the speed without overloading things.


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              This is what I have found to be true for me:

              I won't turn my back on my Ridgid TP1300, it's great for what I need it for. But recently I have found that it's capicity is not enough and caused extensive time consuming alternatives. So that is why I was looking at a larget TP, and the Shop Fox unit.

              A sander is also needed, but it isn't high on the list of upgrades at this point. When I open the Breezeway/Kitchen wall, and move the Kitchen to the Breezeway all the cabinets (plans in head only at this point) a sander will be a major player with out any doubt.

              All I can say as your skills and ambitions grow, so will the need for bigger and different types of machinery. Especially when you reach a point that time is running out of your lifetime, and your wish/to do list is growing faster than accomplishments.

              Somehow, this all has to fit into your budget, and lifes plans. Frankly, I have not figured this all out yet. I'm just enjoying every minute of my shop, which is 20+ years shortcoming. Taking one day at a time. I try to plan my project needs in a way that the machines I have will yeild the fasted accomplishments.

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                Fountain of Youth? I know what you mean.
                Just today a kid at work was getting a bit smart. I told him to give me a couple minutes to limber up my hands so I could make a fist and I'd kick his butt!
                As for the planer, I really like the Ridgid,any warrenty, but the Deltas look mighty good also.
                Just don't want to make a mistake and be buying another machine some years down the road. I've already done enough of that.
                Rob Johnson
                Orange, Ca.
                Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                  In light of the resent announcements, now knowing Ridgid tools aren't going away, guess I'm back to the TP1300. Came REAL close to the Delta two Speed!
                  Rob Johnson
                  Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                    From one Rob Johnson to another...
                    How about the Jet 13" closed stand planer/molder... I picked mine up for $719.00.

                    I planed dome pretty nice rough saw'n oak last night and It sure did a nice job... It will make molding and even curved arch molding... take a look at the picture in the Jet adds below... It is much more than a simple planer for a bit more dollars... Just a thought...

                    By the way... I love mine...



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