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  • Christmas gift question

    My dad is really into is woodworking and has been building a lot of projects as of late. My mom wants to buy him something he can use to brand the woodworking projects he completes. Something like a small branding iron that has his name, city, state.

    Do you guys know of anywhere I could find something like this. Any sites that build custom wood branding irons.

    Sorry if I am using the wrong terminoligy on some of this stuff. I am just a computer nerd



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    There are probably several places to order just what you want, but first to come to mind is Rockler ( ). Their Holiday, 2005 catalog has a few "branding irons" on page 7 with selections for various shapes, lines of type, signature, or even logotypes. Also in choices of electric or torch heated.

    I know I've seen them in many places, but grabbing a couple of catalogs, I can't locate what I want to find (isn't that always the way?). But, in addition to Rockler, I did find them at (Page 70, in their 3/05 catalog),

    You might also want to check Lee Valley ( ) or Hartville tool ( ). I'm sure other forum regulars will also have some good sources.

    Best wishes for the holidays,


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      In addition to Rockler or Price Cutter, Hartville Tool or Woodcraft should have something like that too. Hartville will give a 15% discount if you write "Woodnet 15%" in the shipping comments online, or you could just mention in a phone order that you're a Woodnet member...of course you'll have to actually sign up to maintain your integrity! Might be easier just to "inquire" about the Woodnet discount!


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        Thanks for the quick response guys. I knew you would know where to look. My dad would probably know too (he has Rockler catalogs laying all over their house) but ssking him would probably give it away.

        Have a great thanksgiving,



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          Josh, don't delay on ordering the iron, there is a couple weeks lead time and I think you will be lucky to get it in time for XMAS if you wait.


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            Josh, Go to Just saw the item on their website. Ships same day. Tom
            Tom Ahlers