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Link Belt on New Jointer

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  • Link Belt on New Jointer

    I have a new link belt that I purchased for another application that was never completed. As I assemble my new jointer, is there any reason I shouldn't use the link belt instead of the V-belt furnished with the jointer? My understanding is that the link belt will provide longer, quieter, and more dependable service that the conventional v-belt. Is this correct?

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    Re: Link Belt on New Jointer

    Personally, I think the link belt is about the best v-belt to come along! I had one on my old Rockwell table saw. Loved it! I sold the saw and kept the belt! LOL I would use it, but make sure you are using STEEL pulleys, link belts will eat up aluminum ones.

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      Re: Link Belt on New Jointer

      Link belts tend to be better than stock belts in general. If the v-belt has a set or a zig of some sort, which is fairly common, the belt will thump and vibrate. A link belt will remedy that. If your stock belt is perfect, the stock belt will actually make less wind noise than the link belt because it's more aerodynamic. If I had an extra link belt I'd probably use it, but it might not be necessary.


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        Re: Link Belt on New Jointer

        The link belt may well make your jointer run a little smoother or you may not see any change. One thing is pretty much for certain, a link belt won't make your jointer run worse. I installed one on my drill press and it improved it's operation significantly.
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