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Upgrade TS2424 with AC10360?

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  • Upgrade TS2424 with AC10360?

    I just purchased a TS2424 and I have seen some posts on this forum regarding increasing the rip capacity to 36". It seems to me that it would be easier to buy the 36" rail kit from the Rigid for about $100. Is there a downside to this (aside from the cost) that would make me want to modify my current fence? Won't you lose rip capacity left of the blade? Hey Jake, this seems like a new product to me - TS2436?
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    The AC1036 Rip Fence Kit is basicly the same as the fence on the TS2424 except the rails are slid down, a different decal is applied and a spreader bar is included. The fence in the AC1036 is exactly the same as your current fence.



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      \"I have not failed. I\'ve just found 10,000 ways that won\'t work.\"<br />-Thomas Alva Edison


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        It is really no big deal to modify the existing fence. I have done it to mine and it only took a couple of hours, including building a new side table. I have details about how to do it on my web site (which by the way I have moved to a new server) the address is and click on the Ridgid fence upgrade link.
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          I was looking at my TS2424 and was too thinking of sliding the rails over for 36" capacity. However, I was going to utilize my left extention and drill holes to attach it to the right side and add the Benchdog router extention to the left side. I will probably need some sort of support under the right side due to the weight. What do you guys think.
          P.S. Rob you have a great sight and shop.