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  • TS2424 Replacement Motor

    Had my saw about 3 yrs. Motor beginning to "grind" momentarily on startup.

    Am beginning to suspect it is not long for this world. I converted it to 230v about a yr ago and it has been running fine til now. It bogs a little when cutting 6/4 boards, which is to be expected for 1 1/2 hp., but is still cutting fine. The saw has served me well, but I'm thinking I should get a replacement motor to have on hand.

    Would prefer a TEFC 2+ hp, but don't know if the trunnions/mounting mechanism is up to it.

    I'd appreciate any input as to source for aforementioned motor.


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    Considering the saw should still qualify under the lifetime warranty, I would just get the motor replaced and save the $200 plus for either a Unisaw , or other tools you need.

    Just remember, you may find a larger HP motor that fits in the cradle, but with only one belt to transfer the power, you may do more harm than good. (other 2 and 3 hp cabinet saws all use a three belt system.)

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      According to the FAQ on ridgid website, mounting a larger motor on your tablesaw is not recommended and voids the warranty. I would try and get one for free using the warranty.


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        Thx for the replies.

        I vaguelly recall that the motor is not covered with the lifetime warranty, as it is a normal expendable item. I hope someone can correct me on this. I didn't know TEFC from ABC when I purchased it, and it is the only problem I've encountered from an otherwise "Best Buy" piece of equipment.

        Just thought someone else may have encountered the same situation and arrived at a brilliant solution. Keep thinking.




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          What are some experiences with motors on ridgid tablesaws. Is 3 years til motor death normal?
          I have a B and E mitre saw that is at least 40 years old. My father used it almost daily for 10 years, and I've been using it 2 or 3 times a week ever since. And he bought it used! The only thing I ever replace is the blade and the belt.