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What do you use for dust collection??

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  • What do you use for dust collection??

    Hello everyone,
    I am wanting to upgrade my dust collection system. I am using a big Ridgid shop vac. hooked to the Ridgid dust collection system. I have been trying to get answers out of Ridgid about the on they use to make but no luck. I am going to start looking at others such as Jet. I am not getting a warm and fuzzy fealing coming from all the negatives since the Ridgid company change over witch upsets me cause I have allready have invested in a lot of Ridgid products. Any input would grealy help my search.

    Thanks, Jason

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    Tuff, I'm in the process of setting up shop and trying to decide on a dust collection system. I've been rolling my ridgid vac from tool to tool but, now want to upgrade. My dad bout the Shopsmith DC3300. It is 3/4 hp and voluyme is probably about 550 -600 cfm. It does not do a very good job. I am leaning toward something with at least 1000 cfm volume. Probably a 2 hp motor. I'll be connecting to 4 stationary tools, and one "floor sweep".

    I'd like to hear your opinions and info.
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      I run the JET DC-1100-C. The canister filtration unit works wonders for keeping the air clean.

      Here is a post I made on another forum a month ago:

      Jet Canister Filtration unit.
      It has been about one year now since I brought the new (at that time) JET DC-1100C dust collection unit home.

      Not having the headroom in my shop for a cyclone unit, I had to go with something that would not only collect the dust, but give me good filtration too. My shop is located in the basement. Didn’t want that dust being spread over the house any more!

      My choices were a DC unit with 1 micron bags, or a canister filtration unit. At a minimum I needed an 1100 cfm unit. I was at Rocklers when the received their first shipment of the JET canister units. I started asking questions about the unit. The manager of the store called the JET representative (the one for dealers, not consumers). He had me get on the phone and let me talk to JET about this new system. I spent quite a long time as I recall talking to JET and having my questions answered.

      Like I said, that was a year ago.

      The filtration on this unit has surpassed my expectations. The amount of fine flour that the canister traps, and holds, is amazing. Although it only filters down to 2 microns, it has over 60 times the filtration area of a felt bag. It does have one small flaw, and that is the way that the plastic lower bag is installed. I think that the outside clamp would have been a better idea.
      The unit did have a small leak in it. I was right where the dust dumps into the collection area. It was easy to seal with some clear caulk. But, it is a quality issue that JET should have picked up on. The unit should also be used with a separator. It takes little to no time to fill the lower bag. Since I went to the separator, I am able to get by with only emptying the lower bag every month or so. I will only have a few inches of flour in it, but you do need to dispose of that.

      The canister filtration unit is not the perfect unit for all shops. It does have its place though. If you do not have the room for a cyclone, but still want good filtration, then I would highly recommend this unit.

      I would recommend to anyone who has the space to get a cyclone system that has an external canister filter. Just collecting the sawdust from your equiptment is only a part of the idea behind a DC. The air in your shop does end up inside of you........

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        I am one of the many WoodNet forum guys who bought the (in)famous HF 2HP DC about 10 months back during the Great Dust Collector Saga that lasted about 3 months.

        I fitted it with an oversize 3 micron bag from Lee Valley, and plastic lower bags from Woodworkers Supply. Have it connected to the TS, BS, Router, Planer and Lathe. Typically 1 gate open at a time. No louder than any other 1 1/2- 2HP DC and a darn site quieter than my Shop-Vac!

        Also recently added the Long Ranger Remote On/Off, which really saves a lot of time and effort, and permits me to power down more frequently.

        Costs $149 on sale with free shipping. .3 - 3 micron bags from Grizzley, Lee Valley, Rockler and others $20 - $30, and a pack of 4 plastic lower bags about $8.



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          I've got the 2 HP Grizzly dust collector, and am pleased with it - sort of.

          The 30 micron bags are about useless. Just moves the fine dust to the corner of the shop where the DC lives.

          The Grizzly 0.3 micron bags plug way too fast, and are nearly impossible to clean (spent an hour trying to clean one with the shop vac). But once the bag was clean, it went back to doing a great job. (I do make a lot of fine dust with my drum sander, but isn't that what this is for?)

          So I am looking for a better filter bag, considering American Fabric Filters, Oneida Air, Lee Valley, Others. (Would welcome suggestions)

          The standard filter bags provide about 15 Square feet of filter area each, but I saw a guideline suggesting 150 SF filter area for a 1500 cfm system. With 5 feet bag circumference, it sounds like I need a bag 30 feet high - hmmm.

          I do use a garbage can separator on the line from the planer, etc. Good idea.

          I do use a remote control switch. The one thing that works well from all the X.10 stuff I bought. I recommend a remote switch of some type, even though I hate the X10 folks.


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            I'm researching DC as well and am attracted to the price of Grizzly's G1028Z which can run off 110v. Is this what you have Charlie?

            Something I would ask those who have DC setup, do you also have an air cleaner? I've heard good things about the JDS-750 for picking up fine particles. Do you find this component necessary? I'm leaning toward this only because of the bad allergy / sinus problems I have.
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              My dust collector is the Grizzly G1029. There were enough comments about the 1 1/2 hp and 11 inch fan (like the G1028) being marginal that I decided to bite the bullet. Mine has a 12 inch fan and a full 2 hp but requires 220 volts (the current draw for honest 2 hp is too high for an ordinary 110 volt circuit). Since the power in the shop was getting marginal anyway, I brought in 220V as well as another 110v circuit.

              Note that the G1028 draws 18 amps at 110 volts, so you will barely be able to run a clock on the same circuit with it when it runs continuously. Since older houses are wired for 15 amp rather than 20 amp circuits, I bet this one didn't pass UL certification for household use. You aren't going to be able to run any powerful dust collector at the same time as the machine they work with (like a 1 1/2 hp table saw) without special electrical considerations - not just the typical outlets in a garage or basement.


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                Cutbuff .. have you been pleased with the HF unit? I was in the local HF today for the Sidewalk Sale and got to see the 2HP DC in person. Don't have the SKU in front of me at the moment but price was in the $229-249 neighborhood (I have it all written down somewhere). First time I recall seeing this in the store.
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                  Has worked well without any problems for 8-9 months. It's the 45378 for $149, and at that price for that performance can't beat it. Bought mine, like so many others by mail, since shippings free. But since it's a published price in their catalogs, you should have no trouble getting it at that price from the stores.



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                    I too bought the 2 HP HF DC after reading the Woodnet thread. It has been a very good unit.
                    I have a 5" main (up-grade to 6" someday) line running the lenght of my shop with 4" branches running to each machine.Each branch line has it's own 4" blast gate.It's working out very well. It even keeps up with my TP1300!
                    I added a floor sweep that makes shop cleanup a breeze, as long as it's sawdust your cleaning up, no nails and such. I've made pigtails that connect to my hand held power tools such as the RO sanded, belt sander and bisquit joiner using Rocklers 2 1/2" clear flexable hose. The hose is flexable enough not to hinder use of these tools much.
                    You'll find you will have more invested in hoses and fittings than you have in the DC unit itself.
                    Rocklers hoses and fittings are on sale right now, so it is a good time to stock up!
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                      Alan/Cutbuff, who is "HF"?
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                        Here's a link:
                        If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                          Re: What do you use for dust collection??

                          I just bought the Delta 50-760 Dust Collector on Clearance at Lowe's for $296.00 plus tax. I looked around alot and there were some models for less money but the shipping was high and would have ended up more in the end.

                          Hope it helps, and yes a good DC beats a shopvac any day of the week IMHO


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                            Re: What do you use for dust collection??

                            I also have been researching DC as a much needed upgrade to the shop. I have been astounded at how expensive this stuff is, particularly the hose. Anyhow, I have been following the thread and am wondering what company is HF?

                            I did several Go*gle searches and wound up with links to this post!


                            Opps.....should have read all the posts!
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                              Re: What do you use for dust collection??

                              I have a 2hp Grizzly that I have been using for about 6 years now. Running it on 220 with longranger remote. At the time this model had won all the awards for being best unit. It came with .5 micron bags, 1250cfm, and interchangable 110/220 operation. I just checked the grizzly site and couldn't find this model on there. They don't even list a replacement bags for it. If I ever need them I will have to go elsewhere for bags. Guess Grizzly is lowering thier quality now.
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