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  • Bandsaw Fence Questions

    I've seen that some BS users have the Ridgid BS fence (option) and others are using the Shopfox (or is it Jet) Fence. Which one is the best value?

    -- Sam

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    Not the ridgid fence. I recommend the Mark Duginske designed fence (FastTrack) that is available from many places including woodcraft\

    I personally don't bother with a store bought fence and use a homebrew MDF fence so that I can quickly set the fence to the blade drift for each application. I just clamp it to the table to the drift angle.


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      Thanks for the reply. I'm completely new to the BS so this is going to be a learning curve. I didn't want to spring for the Ridgid Fence if it was going to be one of those short-lived love affairs (been there, done that with the Craftsman Router Table Extension).

      While on this topic, are the riser block and cool blocks worthwhile additions? What are people recommending as a good blade?

      -- Sam


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        Follow the recommendation for the Fasttrac fence. Not only do you get a great fence with micro-adjustability capability, but you get a system where you can interchange accessories among drill press, table saw miter gauge, or miter saw if you want to add fasttrac devices for these later.


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          Forgot something. You can get Fasttrac stuff from a number of places but it's home is at


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            Bandsaw Blades: Timberwolf (Buy direct from suffolk machinery) or Olson Pro series are good value. Olson Pro are easier to come by in retail stores and Timberwolf are fabled to be good. Note, do not pay for than $20 for either of these blades (Woodcraft notoriously marks up bandsaw blades!)

            Riser Block: If you plan on doing resawing it is great! I also like mine because it seems to keep the blade a bit cooler since the blad is longer. The Ridgid has enough HP to resaw wide boards even though there are plent of naysayers about Ridgids with risers. I have resawn 8-12" Mahogany boards with ease on my Ridgid (A good blade is neccecary!). Although the motor is rated at 3/4 HP there is plenty of HP. You can get it from (part number AC5005) for about $70 to your door.

            Cool Blocks: These are good to have, but I haven't had problems yet with my stock blocks so I haven't gotten to this yet.


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              Imagine that, a guy named bolson (sounds like an Irishmen) is hawking OLSON saw blades. BTW, because of him, I could not get my first choice in names.

              May your lungs be clean, and your heart filled with saw dust.

              Sincerely, Bob Olson, Virginia Beach, VA
              Formerly from Menomonie, WI
              Bob Sr.<br />Father of Bob-the-Builder