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dust collector for RIDGID TS3650

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  • dust collector for RIDGID TS3650

    Does any know where I can purchase a dust collector to the TS3650?

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    Re: dust collector for RIDGID TS3650

    I'm not sure if you are looking for a dust collector or looking to close the back of your saw. you can do a search for both by clicking the search in the tool bar near the top. Here is a link to how I closed the back of my TS3650. 3650 ENCLOSED Welcome to the forum. Pat


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      Re: dust collector for RIDGID TS3650

      You can purchase a dust collector at most any place that sells woodworking equipment. Some places to check locally, if they have stores in your area, would be Woodcraft, Rockler, and Lowes. You can also order dust collectors from Amazon. Just about any dust collector could be hooked up to your 3650 with the proper adapters.
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        Re: dust collector for RIDGID TS3650

        Even a shop vac works OK. It is a pain because it fills up quicker, especially doing dados or rabbets. It is workable, you don't need any adapters, and it is cheap.

        I got a Delta DC on closeout from Lowes; and a 4" to 2 1/2" adapter from Amazon. I hook the 4" DC hose to the hose from the RIDGID clean shop network and then to the saw.


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          Re: dust collector for RIDGID TS3650

          Today I connected my shop vac to my TS 3650 with the following parts obtained from Woodcraft.

          1 - R-4 CLR L/H Helix 10ft (Ten foot section of clear 4" hose with metal helix ring running throughout hose), Woodcraft part number on box 8191020001. $21.99
          1 - 2 1/2 inch hose end DC fitting. One end has threads to easily accept the hose and the other end slides securely into my shop vac opening. Woodcraft part number on sticker is 128685. $4.99
          1 - 2 1/2 inch Quick close hose clamp. This secures the hose to my TS 3650 dust port. Woodcraft part number on bag is 150789. $1.99

          ***FYI*** I drove to my local Woodcraft store and with some assistance found the items that would work for me. I drove home and removed the hose from the box to connect all items and noticed about six small holes on the hose approximately 3/16 x 3/16 of an inch in size. Not sure about the quality control where these were made but I will be returning to my Woodcraft store in the morning to replace and inspect the next one. I'm not sure if the holes were a result of the mfg'ing process or if someone thought "just put it in the box."

          As long as the parts are in good condition this will do the job I need for dust collection.


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            Re: dust collector for RIDGID TS3650

            I have a delta Portable dust collector that I wheel around the shop to connect to various tools. Just run a short "pigtail" of 2" DC hose from you TS (about 3 feet) and attact an adaptor (2" to 4"). Then you can connect/disconnect the big DC to the saw without having to crawl on the floor.