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12" Ridgid Miter Saw Laser guide

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  • 12" Ridgid Miter Saw Laser guide

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of a laser guide that will fit onto my 12" Ridgid Miter saw? Any info would be appreciated!

  • #2 has one that takes the place of your outer blade washer. It's not on the web site as of tonight but it was on page 2 of their new catalog which I got on friday. You'll have to call them to see if it will fit your saw. I have a craftsman and it worked on it. $56
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      Thanks Scott. I actually have the mag and saw the laser, which prompted the question. I hesitated to call woodworkers supply as i figured they may guess if they didn't know the real answer. I looked up Laser Guide on the net (website called and they specifically state it does not fit the Ridgid 12" saw. Thanks for the response - any other advice is welcome.


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        Sears sells one in the $60 neighborhood. Its the one that fits their LaserTrak CMS's. Same tpe of installation, it replaces the outer washer/ring.

        I've got the Craftsman 10" LaserTrak and it works well.

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          I have a sliding 12" dewalt compound miter double bevel. This is interesting. I would love a laser guide on my saw.



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            I guess this is a rhetorical question, but if you go out and spend $300 - $600 on a Mitre saw, single or double compound, slide or stationary, your decision to buy the best piece of equipment for your dollar, then why would you need a laser? 5-6 years ago norm had a laser mitre saw on his show, (I think it was a porter cable which fell by the wayside to make way for newer and more accurate equipment) and with the new technology in saw blades, saws themselves, doesn't it defeat the purpose of purchasing a quality updated tool.


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              Hmmm. My reason for the laser is to understand where the blade will be touching the wood "before" it actually touches it, and how that corresponds to my cutmark on the wood.



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                Jweed i just got a flyer from eagle-america showing the laser tool by bladepoint & they fit from 7 1/4" - 12" blades, however it made no mention of not fitting ridgid, but if you saw it state not for ridgid, make your own decision. they priced it at $149.99.

                and for wizkid, it showed picture of it on a dewalt 12" slide, so i guess it's there for the orderin if you want it. good luck cuttin guys

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