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  • Template for router plate

    I am soon to begin making a router station using Norm's plan and DVD. While he makes note in the DVD that you must be very careful to be very accurate in routing out the inset in the table top for the router plate, there is no explanation of how one should go about creating a template that would meet the needs. As an "aspiring" amateur woodworker, I have no experience in making such a template.

    Can someone out there walk me through it?

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    Re: Template for router plate

    If you already have a router plate in your possession, or picked out (you should get it in your hands before you attempt this process)...

    Set router plate on a table.
    Set four boards around it, to form a "frame" tight around the router plate.
    Join the boards in some method that is strong and rigid, to create a stand-alone "picture frame" type thing, whose opening is the exact dimensions of the router plate.

    Measure or lookup the rounded corner *radius* of the router plate.
    Get a template router bit with a matching *radius*, or double it to work in the diameter measurement. A 3/4" or 1" *diameter* bit is probably a good bet for a router plate.

    Clamp your frame onto your router table.
    Using template bit to trace around the interior of your frame. Make sure you only rout a *recess* equal to the router plate thickness and don't cut too deeply! A few passes with minor adjustments to get a nice flat fit is better than one pass that might be too deep by a hair.

    If you look here, this whole explanation will make more sense:

    If you're still in the market for a router plate, the Woodpecker plates are really excellent.


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      Re: Template for router plate

      Thanks, that makes sense! I was not aware that there were "template" bits either, so that helps out too.


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        Re: Template for router plate

        FYI, I just saw today that Rockler is offering another router plate template "frame", which makes a recess 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"

        I'm almost positive this is the router plate size of a Bench Dog router plate, FYI. Which makes sense, since Rockler acquired Bench Dog...

        Anyway, templates to be had...