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7" dado blade

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  • 7" dado blade

    Can anyone suggest a good place to purchase a 7" stacked dado blade? Home Depot, Sears and Lowes carry 8" stacked or the adjustable that does not carry a flat bottom. My TS2424 came with the 7" dado throat plate and I am having some trouble finding a good dado for it. An 8" throat plate would have been much easier to fit with a blade.

    You guys are great. This website has helped me out tremendously (Dave, Dave, Big J, etc). Thanks for all the suggestions!!

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    I've never seen a stacked 7". There are wobble 7", I'm pretty sure. Stacks are common in 6" and 8".

    Your TS2424 will carry a 6" or 8" just fine. I never have gone out of my way to find out, but I suspect the 7" restriction on that plate means that if a full stack was raised all the way, or beveled 45, or both, it probably would hit the insert. Since part of a stack setup needs to be checking for clearance, the trick is to not set up to hit the insert.

    A 6" will save you a couple bucks, and probably do everything you'll ever need done. My philosophy is that if I got a 6", the very next use I would need a deeper cut than it could make.



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      Cannot help you with your question but I TOTALLY agree with your comment about this forum. It is OUTSTANDING! Well done Rigid providing excellent support. Because of this, I am sure I will be purchasing more Rigid equipment from HD.


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        Purchased the 7" thin rim stacked dado from Sears for $59. Not too happy because it leaves the mid-botton of the dado approximately .007" higher than the edges. It cuts perfectly other than that. If the dado is not exposed, no problem. Might require some sanding if you're doing cabinet grade work.


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          get the 8" Freud from amazon .it's great and smooth cuts with flat bottoms. you"ll have to get a 8" insert. They also have a 6" Frued dado set

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            i purchased the freud 8" stack dado from home depot and use it with the 7" insert and it works fine. i have used them a lot to make tenons for two arts and crafts style side tables and bed.