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Orange Blossoms: the New Tools look good!

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  • Orange Blossoms: the New Tools look good!

    Just saw the new portable power tools laid out at one of the HDs.

    Damn, they look better than I thought they were going to! If there was a way to do orange tastefully, this was it. Not loud, or B&Dish at all. Textured silver metal trim, very pro looking and nice fitting. I think most will agree, after seeing them, that whether you like this end of the color spectrum or not, these tools look good.

    I picked a few up but I was definitely on a mission, and it involved a certain router, and I did not have a lot of time to kick tires. The new Ridgids felt good and substantial and I will be visiting them again in the very near future. They were definitely not Ryobis.

    Did not see the 3650, star of the new show, but looking forward to that as well, although the 3612 ain't leaving here any time soon.

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    I think my fav tool is the compact 12volt drill, I LOVE this thing! Lightweight, and plenty of power. I usually go for the higher voltages, but this drill has me hooked!


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      How does the balance feel on the 12v? I have a DeWalt 12 volt and an 18 volt. The 18 volt is nice because it has a ton of power and it satnds up by itself when you set it down, but gets heavy after a while. the 12 volt lacks the power (7 years old though, I'm sure things have changed) and has a somewhat unbalanced feeling sometimes. I was leaning toward a 14.4 for my next purchase because of balance and was wondering how either the new 12 volt models or the 14.4 rated on the comfort scale.


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        I am like you, I normally like the heft and feel of a 14 or 18volt drill, but the power of the new compact 12v is plenty for me. Its rated at 360ft lbs of torque or close to it if I remember correctly.

        It does stand up by itself, whats really nice about these drills is that the battery packs have a rubberized edge around the base that protects the pack and the surface you sit the drill on. Also, if you lay the drill on its side or whatever, only rubber touches the surface, so you won't be scratching the drill up or anything you lay it on, nor will it be sliding off angled surfaces.

        If you get a chance get your hands on one at HD once everything is rolled out in your area, they are in the process now of getting all of the stores completed, its a big job, and upwards of 100-150 or so are getting done each night.

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          After bopping around a couple Home Depots here in Albuquerque, the only new hand tool I saw was one of the heavy duty drivers, with the big handle.
          The orange dose look nice, not gaudy at all.
          The HD right off of I-25 has two 3650s, but they were still in boxes.
          Also, I did see the two new Compound Miter Saws and they are nice too. Displayed right next to the two Ryobis with lasers. Contrary to some previous posts, the 10" and 12" Rigids look nothing like the Ryobis. Table, fence, motor housing, handle, blade guard, everything was different. I'm not sure how you could confuse the two.
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            Rats, the new batt drivers weren't out on display, only under the lexan at tonight's stop home.

            Of the other new stuff, I gotta like this 6" ROS:

            I am not in the market for one, and have no expertise on ROS technology, but this seemed ergonomically ahead of the other HD offerings in class. $149 on the shelf.


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              Found the new line at HD this weekend. The cordless drills are sweet! The color is fine. They sound good. They feel good. I almost wish I needed one.

              The Miter saws were also on display. Did NOT look like Ryobis to me.

              Like MKIV, I too like that 6" RAS. All the tools had a great feel to them. The quality seems to be there.

              RIDGID, good job so far!
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                I hope this lays to rest the myth of the "traffic warning cone orange" once and for all. I too was pleasantly surprised when we got some of the tools in the office to look at and play with. It's really hard to match the exact shade on the website, especially since different monitors show colors slightly differently. And I confess that we tend to heighten the contrast on photos to get them to stand out a little more, which may have done a disservice to these tools.


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                  I liked the new Ridgid corded 1/2" VSR drill with the two speed ranges. That was sweet. I may have to get that one soon. It isn't often that I need a 1/2" drill but the one I have is an old one my father had. Only 2 speeds, "ON" or "OFF". [img]smile.gif[/img]

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                    After reading all the posts, I made a special trip to the "BORG" Saturday afternoon to see the new tools-- Ya know what? They didn't have them yet and didn't know when they were comin'. I shore wantcha ta know that ma feelin's is hurt real bad!!! (been havin' a hard time waiting) So much for the Council Dumps Borg, I guess Iowa gets the left overs. Rick


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                      Originally posted by Norm:
                      It's really hard to match the exact shade on the website, especially since different monitors show colors slightly differently.
                      It's actually impossible for that very reason. Most home users do not color calibrate their monitors - just be glad that the drills don't look purple! However, an expert with Photoshop and the right tools can get "as close as you can get" given the limits of web tech. I have used the Pantone color system successfully - and a physical sample whenever possible doesn't hurt. FYI.
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                        Our HD just put them out on Thursday, I was there for something else at about 9 am. I was the very first to buy the new cordless combo. I have had it for a couple of days, and I LOVE IT!!! All the tools have a great feel, and so far have surpassed my expectations. I even like the color. While I was there, and had the credit card out anyway, I picked up the Ridgid bandsaw, osc. spindle/belt sander, and planer. I haven't used any of them yet, but will tonight and all day tomorrow. Will check back and let everyone know what I think.

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