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    It seems as thought these saw carts are not available unless I buy the saw that it comes with.

    Is this correct?

    If not, Can anyone help me locate a Work-N-Haul It saw cart? Scratch 'N Dent fine for me!

    Many Thanks!

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    The rigid model number for the Work-N-Haul It is AC9330. in the few HDs in my area it has been hit or miss as to wether they stock it, but I am basing this on what I see on the floor, they may have them in the back and all can probably order for you.

    I don't have a need for the Work-N-Haul it but I do have the sister unit, the MS-UV which is great. If the Work-N-Haul It is built as well and thoughtfully as the MS-UV its should be a great accessory.


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      Thanks Bob!

      I'll try looking for that unit also.

      (I'm being "kicked" out of my garage and I need a way to keep my stuff ready to be used with a minimun of space).


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        I know this topic is old, but does any one know exactly how much weight this thing will support. Like if I wanted to mount the TS3650 on it, would that work, or am I doomed to the limited mobility of the herc-u-lift system that comes on it?
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          I don't think the Work-N-Haul-It would support a TS3650 with its legs removed, the weight of the 3650 in my opinion would be too much. The base of the Work-N-Haul It is not as sturdy (wide) as the TS3650 leg set is, you'd be asking for trouble I think.


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            Thanks for the info Bob. I think I am going to have to go test out both the 3650 and the 2400 at the local HD and see which one is better. Maybe I could put some stout wheels on the 3650 in order to get it up and in to the shed when I get done working. That is unless anyone wants to donate a nice wood working shop to a new guy.
            Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking.


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              Is the AC9930 Saw Cart good for a Porta Cable 3812 and how much can i expect to pay for it? No homedepot carries just the saw cart? Thnx


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                Next, never seen the price for it posted anywhere. Any HD should be able to look it up and order it for you.Don't know what size your PC is but I have the 2400 on the work n haul it and think it is great.
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