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r 3200 what do you all think???

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  • r 3200 what do you all think???

    i have been in the constrtion feild for the last 12 years or and i have learned to hate dewalt so i have been using porter cable for years but i just picked up my new r 3200 and so far i really like it and i am the type of guy who likes nothing that is new so i just wonder if i still will like it in 6mons or a year from now i would like to hear from you all do you still like you new tools after a while and the reason i ask this is every one likes there tool when they are new
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    Of course I can't speak for everyone, but personally I don't buy anything in haste or on the spur of the moment. I see something that I like or need and then do as much reading/research as I can. On very rare occasion, I will buy a tool and find some quirky thing that bothers me and usually end of returning it ASAP. I'm not in the contract business, although my Dad was and he taught me to buy tools that I was comfortable with and then take care of them. For instance, I have a 3/8 Craftsman drill, jig saw, belt sander, and 7-inch Circular saw that I bought in the early 70's. Except for the belt sander, which I rarely use, I love every one of the tools. I've built decks, refinished rooms, done lots of house repairs and quite a few home projects and the tools have performed flawlessly! Similarly I have a 1973/4 Craftsman (made by Emerson, Ridgid's parent company) 10-inch Radial Arm saw with cast iron column and arm. It is my favorite big tool and I simply wounldn't sell it for anything. I look at the high-priced RAS's that Delta and a few others make, and the fit and finish on my old RAS makes them look like junk. I also take some time every few years to tear them apart, clean out the dust, inspect the parts, and do a relube where necessary. So far, the only thing I have ever replaced is some brushes, and the backing plate on the sander.

    In the last year, about this time, I purchased the Ridgid 1550 drill press, their 1/4-sheet sander and their 5-inch orbital sander. After several months of use, I can see they are really decent tools and a joy to use. I also have several new Ryobi bench-top tools, a 3/8 inch clutch driver, thier 5-inch orbital sander and I am pleased with all of them. They fit my budget and live up to my home maintenance and craft expectations.

    My Dad always taught me that a tool doesn't have to be expensive to be good. It takes good tools to do a good job, but you can do a bad job with the best tools if you don't have respect for them. So I buy what's comfortable and after some initial use, if there's something that bug's me, I don't hesitate to return it.

    So, IMHO, if you pick a good tool you'll come to love it and if you take care of it, you'll still love it years later.