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  • Curious about wood sealing and panel design

    Was hoping to get some opinions concerning the design of panels and sealing of wood using polyurethane or a similar material. Specifically, if one were to apply several coats of polyurethane, would expansion and contraction due to humidity changes be an issue? I understand that over time as the original coating wore off, the panels would have to be re-coated but for things like cabinet doors, I'm guessing that may only be once in 5 to 10 years if that. I’m just curious and trying to gain a little knowledge. Appreciate your thoughts and input.

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    Re: Curious about wood sealing and panel design

    Yes. Applying a finish doesn't stop a solid wood panel from expanding and contracting. Also, both sides of the panel must be finished so that the panel expands/contracts uniformly.
    If you're enclosing the panel in a frame (frame and panel door) size the panel about 1/16-1/8 smaller than the groove it lives in. This will let the panel react to humidity. (Don't glue the panel)
    Some folks use Space Ball type things in the groove to prevent rattle, some glue just about an inch of the panel sides at the center.
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      Re: Curious about wood sealing and panel design

      sealing the panel will slow the effects of humidity but will not remove the effects of the moisture changes, I do not glue the panel when I make a door or paneled section,
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